Reviewing L'Oreal's New Infallible Eye Crayons

Your eye makeup game just got a lot more colorful.

One of the best things about this time of year is holiday product launches, and one I've been really excited about is the L'Oreal Infallible Eye Crayon line.

Promising intense wear and great color, the marketing also says that you can use the thick side as eye shadow and the thinner tip as precise liner. As a fan of both cool colors and multitasking products, I decided to see if these eye crayons really live up to the hype.

I tested out four colors: Enduring Rose, Always Aqua, Resilient Green and Always Purple.

So what did I think? Are they really WORTH IT? Read on to find out!


The crayons themselves are chubby, easy to hold pencils and can be sharpened with any wide-barreled makeup sharpener. Because the product itself (the “lead” in the pencil) is quite soft, they make a bit of a mess when you do.

I like that the Infallible pencils aren’t twist-ups (without a built in sharpener, you’d lose the pointed tip), but I don’t love how much sharpener-cleaning you come in for. THE PRICE WE PAY FOR GLAMOUR.

Colors And Finish

I haven’t tested out the full range of these shades, but based on what I’ve seen, anyone hoping for matte finishes is in for a sad face. Enduring Rose is a very shiny metallic and the other three shades contain varying degrees of sparkle. Always Purple is the MOST glittery and Resilient Green the least, with Always Aqua somewhere in between.

When applied straight from the pencil as liner, the colors are beautiful but the quality is a bit mixed. Rose, Purple and Green are creamy and thick, with rich color payoff in one swipe. By comparison, Aqua is much thinner and requires two passes for full opacity.

When blended out (the way you’d wear them as eye shadow), the story changes again.

All four shades are best blended with fingers and “set” within a minute. Enduring Rose remains a very shiny neutral. Always Aqua becomes an iridescent wash of blue. Resilient Green continues to be flawless, blending into a semi-metallic deep emerald. Always Purple becomes an unfortunate streaky violet with A LOT of visible sparkle.

You can layer these colors to make them more intense; I found that two coats of Rose and Aqua made them far more vibrant, while two coats of Purple made it even streakier. Two coats of Green didn’t make a huge difference, but it did make me notice more glitter. Rose just got shinier. Never change, Rose.

So basically: I love these colors, and when the quality is on point (Resilient Green), they’re perfect. But when they aren’t (Always Purple), they’re disappointing.


The marketing for these pencils says that you can wear them as both liner and shadow. A bold claim. Let’s investigate.

When worn as eyeliner, application was easy and all four shades make strong showings. Always Aqua was the least reliable and began to flake off slightly after about four hours of wear. Enduring Rose, Always Purple and Resilient Green lasted nine hours with only minor fading, even through sweaty workouts, and only came off when I took them off. That’s pretty remarkable for colored drugstore liners!

When worn all over the mobile lid as eye shadow, the results were less impressive. Though all but Purple blend easily and look lovely initially, all four shades settled into my eyelid creases after about two hours of wear. I even tested them overtop hardcore eye shadow primer--same results, except this time I got three hours of wear out of them.

Also--and I can’t believe I’m saying this--I didn't like the glitter in Aqua and Purple. It was incredibly glaring in person and made me look like I’d been playing in toddler makeup. All the sparkle in Always Purple also made it IMPOSSIBLE to blend, and you know how I love blending.

My opinion is that these eye crayons work best as sharp liner, or smudged out a little for a smoky eye. They get a big ol’ BYE FELICIA as eye shadow.


I see these Infallible Eye Crayons drawing comparisons with Make Up For Ever’s AMAZING Aqua Matics eye shadow line, and while the L’Oreals are really quite good, they aren’t dupes. True, there’s nothing like them at the drugstore level. But the quality is so uneven across the color range--some shades are amazing, some are whatever--and you can't wear them as eye shadow. Both of those things are key components to what makes the MUFE pencils such life-changers.

I can also see these pencils competing with Maybelline’s (excellent) Color Tattoo pots in terms of long-lasting, buildable drugstore cream shadows. The Infallible pencils, while impressive in swatches on hands, crease unfortunately on eyelids. You’re better off with the Maybelline, which wears much better.

Final Verdict

Because all of these eye pencils gave me such different results, I’m going to judge them separately.

Resilient Green is my heart and soul forever. I'm going to be doing dramatic, slightly smoky cat eyes for holiday parties this year, and this Infallible Eye Crayon is definitely going to be my #1 stunner. Would you look at the color???

Enduring Rose found a second life for me as a cheekbone and bridge-of-nose highlighter. It’s subtle and nicely blendable, and the slight hint of rose gold gives me some much-needed fall color.

Always Purple is a great eyeliner when I don't mind a lot of sparkle (and don't need to blend), but sadly Always Aqua gets the thumbs down. It just isn't on the same level as the others, even though it's SUCH a great color.

In short, these crayons aren’t perfect, but when you play to their strengths, they have serious promise. I’m excited to check out the rest of the line--hopefully there are more hits than misses. Who doesn’t love having a bunch of inexpensive, long-lasting, blendable, colourfl liners at their disposal?

  • Have you seen these Infallible Eye Crayons at your drugstore yet?
  • Which of these shades is your favorite?
  • Anyone else feeling HAUNTED (in a good way) by Resilient Green?