Look To Try This Weekend: Pastel '60s Sex Kitten

Because pastels should be pale chicks' go-to summer colors. And "sex kitten" is a highly clickable headline.

I started out going for more of a futuristic/space-age-y vibe for this weekend's look, but, as a true skank is wont to do, I ended up painting my face up looking more sweet and sexual than fierce and angular. Although I do think the exaggerated, outlined almond shape maintains a bit of the avant-garde and total weirdness, and thus is appropriate for a "look to try this weekend."

I'm so into pastel makeup right now. The colors are PERFECT for pale chicks in the summer because they look so nice on dewey (maybe slightly sweaty) pale skin. I had this one frosty lavender shadow in my drawer since around the time we launched--it kept looking up at me from the drawer all needy and attention-hungry like all the rich kids I went to Sunday school with as a child. The name, "Always A Bridesmaid," further supported my suspicions--like, it's sitting there, watching as I apply moisturizer and concealer thinking, "Oh, maybe today's the day! Maybe she'll choose me!" as I reach into my eye drawer for some kohl and my favorite mascara before quickly moving onto blush.

So I finally gave it a shot last night: painting my entire lid in a huge almond shape, tapered at the tear duct, following the lash line, curving at the top just above my crease, and tapering at the outer edge just below the tip of my eyebrow. It's a cream (Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow to be exact) that can be quite sheer, but I applied a thicker coat using a stiff, flat brush with a rounded tip. It's called a "filbert brush," you can get them at art supply stores.

Definitely do this over primer, I shouldn't need to tell you that cream shadows have a tendency settle into creases.

For a less extreme look, stop here and add--no, you know what? This is about extreme. Never mind. OK, now take a navy liner pencil- I used Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Pencil in Sabbath, and trace an outline around the almond, including the lash line. It probably won't look perfect, we're about to blend.

Now clean off a bit of the excess shadow from that brush you used for the lavender on a dry tissue, and dab it into a navy pressed shadow. I used Bobbi Brown's Navy. Use the stiff edge to soften the pencil line. Just kind of wiggle and press the powder onto the line to blend it out from looking like a crayon drawing.

Then just ever so slightly line the bottom lashes with a mocha-ish reflective shade using a stiff, flat brush. It adds a little depth and shadow where you don't want a harsh line. I used Benefit's Longwear Powder Shadow in "Thanks A Latte." Har, har, har.

Notice how I cleaned the tear duct area with a little Crealine H20 on a q-tip. I didn't like having those lined after all. Finish the eyes with some mascara on the top and just the outer three-fourths of the bottom lash line--just try to wiggle the mascara at the roots, don't coat all the way to the tips. It looks more natural this way.

Props to Madeline for finding these awesome pastel lipsticks from The Lip Bar. I'm just now going to their website for the first time and it's a bit of a mind... screw. But I can't deny a good pastel/peachy pink lipstick that goes on the way it looks in the tube. (The shade is Café au Lait.) Remember putting concealer on your lips in junior high under a thick coating of clear Lipglass because Britney's lips were just made of clear gloss with no discernible color change from the rest of her face? This lipstick is like how hot we THOUGHT we looked like back then.

It has great coverage, a creamy but not annoyingly smudgeable consistency, and the peachy pink shade is heavenly.

The orange-y blush is just a creamy makeup--their new Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Makeup--sent from our homies at Elizabeth Arden that was a few shades too dark. I LOVE how it looks as a cheek color--it doesn't look like bronzer, just a peachy orange, super well-blended blush. It has FREAKING DIAMONDS in it to reflect light and make your skin look even and perfect. I believe it--doesn't that one darker area on my cheek look especially sexy?

To get a soft, casual bouffant, clip half your hair up sort of loosely in a large barrette at the back crown of your head, tie a scarf around your head beneath the barrette in the back, and then remove the clip. It'll keep just the right amount of looseness pulled through the scarf in the back and you don't need to tease your hair.

I absolutely love when I'm tagged on Instagram or Twitter or whatever in your fine-ass selfies after you've tried a look. Definitely let me know if you try this one out!

And I'll leave you with this: