Look To Try This Weekend: Inspired By My First Thong

It was originally going to be “Cleopatra and Caesar’s Brooding Love Child,” but as I was writing this, memories surfaced that clarified why I gravitate toward this color combo.

Remember the first time I used this metallic gold eyeshadow on cyber web? It’s my favorite. I bought my first little compact of it at the MAC store in Northpark Mall at 13 with one of my questionable 19-year-old nannies. I used ALL OF IT.

I also bought a peacock metallic blue, which I remember was the same colors of my first thong from Victoria’s Secret. It was one of those heinous high-wasted logo-band cotton v-strings that was way too big for me, which I only realized after I actually started wearing thongs. It was a turquoise blue color screen printed with tiny gold checks. Oh, and it was one of my questionable 19-year-old nannies that took me to buy it. I was 12, and Ashley was the best.

I don’t know what it is about these colors that makes me want to pair them together all the time. I feel like I’m on the verge of overdosing on all the richness--it’s almost a little disgusting. Like a fudgy black chocolate cake with icing thick like a soft clay, you can only take a couple of bites before you can no longer convince yourself that “weed raises your metabolism, so it all evens out.”

Regardless, here I find myself again, smudging this reddish-gold powder paste around and into my eye sockets and finishing off with a little “pop” (high on the list of beauty/fashion terms that I hate but can’t find a suitable substitute; “hint” sounds weird to me too) of bright turquoise liner.

I had hair leftover from my flower crown-ish post from Monday, so the completed look feels a little Roman/Egyptian, right? A little? Like if Caesar and Cleopatra had a little It-girl baby ala Georgia May or Atlanta Bean and not a boring son? Fun fact: their assumed love child, Caesarian (named after Cleo’s babydaddy), means “little Caesar” so like you’re basically eating a C-section pizza.

I started with a primer, because this look would just really suck if it settled into your crease all weird-like. Then, into the inner part of my eyes and blending out a little, I smudged some Laura Mercier metallic crème eye colour in GOLD! (Which I incorrectly said that they discontinued because, well, they did at one point. BUT IT’S BACK. Seriously, it’s one of my most favorite makeup items of all time. It’s a “taupey-gold”--super reflective, but not glossy, metallic and so so so so chic. I should try the other flavors as well. I bet the Rose Gold would be really pretty.)

Then I rummaged around my drawer for any other gold eyeshadows and found this pretty copper gold cream shadow by Benefit, My Two Cents. Its metallic is a bit more subtle than the Mercier version, and goes on sheer but layers well. I smudged this with my finger around my eyes, up to the brow, and well below the bottom lashes.

Then I finished with that other gold eyeshadow favorite from my youth: Amber Lights by MAC. It’s a powder, and it GLOWS--ahh, it’s so beautiful. I just kind of dusted it around my eyes with a fluffy brush. The crème shadows will help it stay put and give it more dimension than if I had just used it alone.

The glossiness at the outer edges of my eyes is thanks to this Josie Maran’s Argan High Gloss Lip Quench. It looks really nice on lips, but I prefer a glossy eye to a glossy lip, so that’s where I use it. Just dab with your finger. I love dabbing.

Finish the eyes by coloring the waterline with a bright turquoise--I used Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencil in Deep End. I’ve mentioned them before, and still think that these pencils rule. They have GREAT coverage (unlike a lot of colored eyeliners that you have to really color in) and stay where you put them, so if you want a smudgey look, smudge immediately after applying.

A neutral lip felt appropriate but really freaking boring so I used OCC’s newish Stained Gloss in Jealous (WHY IS THERE NO “?” AFTER THAT???). It wears way more pink than it looks in the tube, just fyi.

Aaaaannnd since my intern who took these is super-irritating and says I never smile I'll throw this in:

The rest of the face is a bit of bronzer under the cheekbones like I always do and some eyebrow mascara, also like I always. Do.

Suggestions for the next look-to-try-this-weekend? What did your first thong look like, maybe we'll start there?