Look To Try This Weekend: Disco Bitch

Reign over all the basic chickens with some smoky eyes, orangey-red lips, and obviously glitter.
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June 14, 2013
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Is Anjelica Huston not the sexiest in this photo?

I DIE for disco, as you may already know. Not necessarily the music, but just the idea that it used to be REALLY EFFING COOL to dress in full-on club queen mode, with rhinestones and platforms and wigs and countouring. Everything is way too casual nowadays, chicks are accepting basicism out of convenience and it's just wrong.

So, step it up this weekend. I call this look "Disco Bitch." It's inspired by Anjie, with the smokey eyes, subtle silver liner, and that terracotta lip that everybody was wearing in the '70s. Doesn't she look so wonderfully snobbish? She's not going to look at you unless you're half as hot as she is, and no, you can't sit there.

Start with your Urban Decay Naked Palette. (Yes, tried it for the first time this week and I dig it. Yes.) Take a stiff-ish fluffy-ish brush and shade just above your crease in a rounded half circle, extending a bit beyond where your lashes end. Oh, use a mix of Buck and Toasted for this. Blend out using a bit more of the shimmery Toasted color into your brow bone. (Shimmery colors are great for blending; they don't leave as hard of an edge.)

Next take a mix of the shimmery charcoal Creep and the dark bronze Darkhorse and press the color into your lid up to just above your crease. Blend into the Buff/Toasted mix.

Take a bit of silver cream liner, like Maybelline Color Tattoo shadow in Silver Strike, and line a little flick of silver at the outer edge of your lashes. Blend with a q-tip if it has too clean of an edge.

Did you get some of that metallic silver on the tops of your lashes? Nbd, because we're about to take some mascara, dab the excess from the wand tip onto a flat, stiff liner brush, and brush it on top of your top lashes. Like paint! You're painting the tops of your lashes, because it's important.

Now glue some iridescent glitter to the outer corner of your eye with some clear sticky lip gloss. It should look like it's exploding out of the silver liner like a shooting star. Because you, my darling, are a shooting star.

Shade in your cheekbones more than you think you should. Society has taught you that this needs to be subtle and natural looking. Society is wrong. Use a shimmery bronzer for this. (Nothing TOO dark; I'm using a seasonal one my Chanel that's no longer available, and also great for pale white chicks. So sorry. Look for something with a bit of gold.)

Now line your lips with a neutral liner. Too Faced Perfect Lips are my current favorite lipliners for real. Then go over that with OCC Lip Tar in Authentic, a slightly shimmery ruddy orange. It stays that perfect '70s-glossy--you know what I'm talking about, right?

Yay! You're so gorgeous and totally worthy of sitting at my booth. I'll even move my fur to make room.

Almost as importantly: if you do this, will you send pics?!