A Lip Stain That Promises To Stay Put For 14 Hours

Can Josie Maran's new lip stain/gloss really live up to its claim?
Publish date:
January 12, 2015
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I'm a huge fan of Josie Maran's Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée, so I lost every modicum of cool I possess when I heard about the new Coconut Watercolor Lip Stain + Shine.

The lip stains come in six shades--each corresponding to a shade of Cheek Gelee--and are infused with coconut water and argan oil for hydration. The comparison stops there, though: Unlike the sheer blushes, these lip colors are absolutely packed with pigment. Even more impressive? They promise to last for a full 14 hours.

First, let's talk about the pros.

All of the colors are vivid and gorgeous and give you lots of options. On one end of the tube there's a matte, opaque stain, and on the other there's a semi-sheer but highly pigmented gloss. Put them together and you get a rich look not unlike YSL’s Glossy stains.

They don’t dry out my lips like other lip stains I’ve tried, and the gloss isn’t sticky or tacky either. The colors are also flavorless and fragrance-fee, a plus for the sensitive skin set. But what about that long-wear claim?

I took them for a 14-hour test drive, eating and drinking like normal but not reapplying or touching up at all.

The first color I tried was Poppy Paradise, a warm toned, bright Barbie pink. It was a fun departure from what I usually wear, and the marker-shaped applicator made the bright color very easy to apply.

By afternoon it had faded to a much less intimidating pink.

And after 14 hours it was nowhere to be found.

Not to be discouraged, I tried Coral Oasis next. It was the Goldilocks coral for my skin tone--not too pink, not too orange.

After 14 hours there was just a slight wash of color left all over my lips, with some small patches of full-on coral.

Now for Getaway Red. Oh my god... This luxe, beautiful red made me feel extra glam.

But after 14 hours it had worn away in patches, with some areas colorless and some still going strong. Touching up with the gloss probably would have kept my lips looking convincingly perfect until bedtime.

I don’t usually wear purple lips, but Berry Escape was the perfect gateway purple. A rich raspberry color from the start, it wore the best of all the shades I tried.

After 14 hours, I looked like I’d just eaten a popsicle.


So, unfortunately, these stains don't have a 14-hour wear time. The darker shades held up better than the lighter ones, but all of the colors faded at around the six hour mark (which, incidentally, was around when I ate lunch). Nevertheless, the stains were fantastic and got me a lot of compliments. And my lips never felt dry or peel-y like they do with some other stains. If you can manage to reapply just once during the day, these babies are totally worth it.


  • Will you be picking up a Lip Stain + Shine for yourself?
  • What are your favorite long-wearing lip colors?