3 Fun Ways to Use Liquid Lipstick on Other Parts of Your Face

These alternative applications were basically made for Instagram makeup selfies.

So I've got this collection of liquid lipsticks, right? And now that we're heading into the warmer months, I don't really feel like layering on a heavy matte lipstick because I want something a little more breathable and comfortable for summer.

But I have these all these matte liquid lipsticks and a couple of them are in cute, nontraditional colors like my favorite green from Colour Pop in the shade Dr. M.

So there had to be a way to still wear them.

Eyeliner! This is the easiest, by far.

Take your liquid lipstick and a tiny brush that you don't mind getting stained. Take that tiny brush and apply some of your lipstick to it. I do this by cleaning up the globs that sit on the stick part of the applicator.

Take that lipsticked-up brush and draw on your eyeliner as usual, being super-duper sure not to get any of it into your eyes. I find with the Ultra Matte lipsticks from Colour Pop, because they dry so quickly, it is best to trace out your line with a small amount of product, and then reapply your lipstick to the brush and apply to your liner again on top.

This gives a subtle but really powerful amount of pigment to your lash line.

Next up: fake freckles. Now, I know, this trend is pretty much over. But I always had an issue with how normal kohl or other liner pencil looked as freckles. It was very muted, and if I'm going to have green freckles, they should be pigmented, ya know?

So take that same tiny brush (or smaller) load 'er up with the lipstick, and freckle as you see fit. I know I don't have the most realistic looking freckle shapes, but at the same time, they are green, so take realism with a grain of salt.

And lastly, colorful eyebrows. After trying this, I'm pretty sure I want to have green eyebrows every day, all day, forever. I feel like a villainous Jolly Green Giant, and I LOVE the witchy vibes. I just applied as I would any brow filler and used the same brush to coat over the whole of my eyebrows with the lipstick.

I don't typically fill in my whole brow when I'm going for brown, but that would look a little funky with a non-eyebrow color, so I covered up the whole shape. If you, like me, accidentally go way outside the lines and jab yourself in the face with the lipstick, I would highly suggest using an oil-based makeup remover to get rid of it as quickly as possible, the Colour Pop Ultra Matte line in particular is difficult to remove, so keep that in mind because concealer may not cover it 100% of the way.

  • How do you multi-purpose makeup?
  • Any funky freckle color fans still out there? How about eyebrows, because I am now LOVING it.