7 Lessons Of Liquid Foundation, Featuring Lancôme Teint Idole

Lancôme has been long celebrated for the depth of shades in its Teint Idole collection, now represented by the resplendent Lupita Nyong’o, and I was lucky enough to be able to try their new line of 24-hour liquid foundation. Complexion products are still pretty new to me, liquid foundations especially, and let me tell you: I learned some things.

Lesson 1: There Really, Truly Are Foundations That Are Dark Enough For Me

To begin, I squirted a dab of the Teint Idole Ultra 24-Hour foundation in 550 Suede C on the back of one of my hands to make the brush application a bit easier. I looked at it, and then my hand, and froze.

Could it be? Are the old legends true? A foundation that’s darker than I am?

All this, while considering that the shade I chose is nowhere near the darkest that Lancôme has to offer in its Teint Idole collections! My heart nearly popped with glee.

It’s easy to surround yourself with product recommendations and reviews of lines that cater to women with darker skin, but there’s something about the thrill of seeing this deep brown foundation against my comparatively less-deep brown skin that made it feel, well, real. It’s almost as though I couldn’t believe that a product would truly be dark enough until I saw it with my own eyes, against my own skin.

Color matching is obviously still important, and finding a foundation that actually matches your complexion is the best way to get a natural look.

Lesson 2: It Is Extremely Easy To Use Too Much

Lancôme Teint Idole liquid foundation is very heavily pigmented, and will give full coverage with sparing amounts--something that I hadn’t taken into account when I began my initial application with my flat, round tip brush. Applying as much as I did also had the consequence of flattening out the natural highlights and shadows of my face--something that could be fixed with contouring, or avoided altogether by not slathering it on like a small child decorating a gingerbread house.

That said, the Teint Idole foundation dried to a nice, even matte, so it didn’t appear too shiny after I was finished applying it.

Lesson 3: Powder Application Can Mess Up Previously Flawless Coverage

Unfortunately for me, I hadn’t realized how perfectly the Teint Idole foundation would dry on its own, which prompted me to try to matte it down with powder. I found that it was much easier to disturb the not-quite-dry liquid foundation than it was with crème, which was equal parts disappointing and entirely my own fault. That said, the foundation still held up beautifully despite that, which is owed entirely to the quality of the product.

Lesson 4: You Will Likely Need To Add Eyeliner And Shade Your Brows After Applying

The amount to which my eyebrows and lashes dulled after application surprised me. Adding eyeliner helped define my eyes, and I kind of went buck wild with my eyebrows. Lesson 4.5: It’s OK to not use super dark shades for your brows all of the time.

Lesson 5: You Will Likely Also Need Some Kind Of Lip Color

Using a shade of foundation that’s slightly darker than my natural complexion left my lips looking Tyrone Biggums-ashy, which is never a good look for anyone wanting to be cute. I used Kiss New York Moisture Lipstick in Seductive, a bright fuchsia with an iridescent purple sheen, to help my lips look less like the “before” picture on a Carmex ad.

Lesson 6: I Look Like Aunt Viv And It’s Kind Of Alarming

Lesson 7: I Still Harbored Unsavory Notions About Dark Skin, Which Was Also Alarming

After I put on my eyebrows and lipstick, I wasn’t pleased with how my face looked.

I’ve done my eyebrows this way before, but I suddenly thought they looked a bit cheap. I found myself feeling oddly similar about this lipstick that I’d purchased and worn several times prior--the color just “wasn’t right” for my complexion in this look, I thought. It wasn’t until after a few moments of consideration that I realized that I was casting the same negative judgments on my newly slightly-darker skin that I’d been battling my whole life--that our makeup looks cheap, and that we can’t “pull off” festive colors.

It’s something that I got over the moment I realized what was happening, but the fact that I still held the capacity to think such things about my own face was pretty terrible. The internalization of beauty standards evidently runs deeper than I’d initially thought.

That being said: I adore this foundation, especially in this shade, and would recommend it to anyone who’s in the market for a high-quality liquid foundation. I’d even go so far as to suggest to my other darker-skinned sisters to, perhaps, try getting their foundation a shade or two darker than what they’re normally used to. In a world that likes to pressure us to be lighter, it’s a refreshing change.

  • What about you? Do you prefer liquid, powder, or cream foundations?
  • Would you try foundation a shade or two darker than your usual complexion?