No Mirror Required: My 3 Favorite Lip Colors to Smear On with Reckless Abandon

You don't even need your front-facing phone camera for these.
Publish date:
May 19, 2016
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My life has been sort of intense the past few months. I've moved twice since December. I work a demanding full-time job (that I LOVE) along with several part-time gigs (that I LOVE). I feel like when I'm not doing something time-consuming, I'm planning something time consuming. And it's tiring.

So when it comes to things like weeknight dinners, outfit planning, and makeup, my motto has inevitably become "whatever's quick and easy."

That means I eat a lot of burrito bowls, I wear the same outfits for days on end, and I rely solely on lip colors that are as low-maintenance as possible. Though I probably need to lay off the burrito bowls soon (because my go-to outfits are getting a little... uh... snug), I will never lay off my love for easy-to-apply lip colors.

While I love the way a bold lip looks, I rarely wear one anymore. I can't even remember the last time I really went for it. I've grown resentful of the way lip liner and lipstick feel on my lips. I hate worrying if the color has strayed from my mouth between my fifth and sixth cup of coffee.

Mostly, I like a lip color I can swipe on real quick without the assistance of a mirror while I'm dashing between meetings or running errands. Sure, I could use my front-facing iPhone camera, but when you're as busy as I am or you have as audacious taste in cell phone cases as I do, it isn't always the most professional solution.

Here's a few of the lowest-maintenance lip colors I've been keeping in my rotation the past few months:

Benefit Benebalm

Benebalm was created as a more practical lip color option than its shade sister, Benetint, which I love as a blush, but it's a bit difficult as a lip product.

Benebalm became an instant classic for good reason. It's a cherry-red tinted moisturizing balm that goes on super-smoothly, leaving your lips with a bit of color but not in-your-face color at all. They give your lips a bit of a just-made-out flush, which is honestly always the goal.

The moisture isn't heavy-duty, so it won't replace your go-to Chapstick. (Side note, I've never had chapped lips. Is that weird? Anyway...) But Benebalm keeps my lips feeling super-soft and plump all day long, The wear is impressive for a balm, but it goes on so buttery smooth, I never mind reapplying.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm

I picked this balm up at the last minute on my way to Easter dinner when I was picking up a (last minute) Easter card. Seriously, when will I learn to walk into a store and buy ONLY what I need? Oh well. This was one impulse purchase I've never regretted.

The name of this shade is Heavenly Berry, but as you can see, it's far from a deep, dark berry shade that may come to mind. Instead, it's a soft pink It gives my lips shine (but it's never sticky), a bit of color, and keeps them super-moisturized for hours.

I also just love any lipstick case that *clicks* into place when you shut it. Don't you just adore that? I'll definitely be scooping this product up in more shades the next time I find myself bored at the drugstore.

Dior Addict Lipstick

Dior makes some of my all-time favorite lip products. Seriously, as a firm member of TEAM LIP GLOSS, Dior's Fluid Sticks are my Holy Grail of everything a gloss should be.

Their lipsticks are just as incredible. Dior Addict Lipsticks are comfortable, luxurious, and beautiful: three things we all aspire to be, right? There's this "hydra-gel core" in the lipstick that makes it so softening and moisturizing while you wear it.

This color, After Party, is the perfect rosy pink. It stays put for hours. If you're so inclined, you can add layer upon layer without the product ever getting weird and pilly on your lips. It feels so good and packs just the perfect little amount of sparkle. This is a truly ideal day-to-night lip color.

  • Are you guys all about lazy lip colors like me?
  • People who do intense, painted-on matte lips every day, tell me how you find the energy. And how you eat sandwiches. (I love sandwiches.)
  • Is your life stressful? Do you want to rant about it? I'm here for you.