LOTW: 3 Ways To Add Dimension To Your Lipstick

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November 26, 2014
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I’ve been loving the lip focus on xoVain lately: Alle showed us how to do a killer ombré, and Lisa John taught us a little Cupid’s bow trick. So now I'm going to show you how I add dimension to a lip look, by applying an accent color to the center of the lips.

I add a kick to metallic shades by applying a shimmery pigment (loose or pressed) in the same color family (but a shade or two lighter) to the center of my lips, blending the edges out with my pinky.

Adding this shimmery shade draws attention to the center of the lips, creating more visual depth.


Sometimes matte can fall flat. When that happens, I apply another lipstick in a shade or two lighter (again, same color family) with a finish that is slightly less matte.

The similarity in the finishes allow this accent to be a little bit more on the subtle side, but it does add some fullness to the center of the lips.


Sometimes staying in the same color family isn’t enough for me, so I'll add a shimmery shadow (usually a gold or silver) overtop.

My favorite combination is gold shadow over a matte red lip. As far as placement, I apply it in the same way I applied the pressed pigment, only this time I also add a bit of balm to blend it better. What I like about this variation is that it makes my lips look very lush.

I think my favorite part of this look is that it’s more glitzy than my standard red, and it’s perfect for the holidays!

I’ve been on vacation since last week, so April stepped in and chose her favorite reader looks from last week's thread:

  • What are your tricks for accenting your lipstick, or your lips?
  • Do you dress up for Thanksgiving dinner? What's your hair and makeup situ for the big feast.
  • And show me the look you're rocking right now! Any fun holiday nail art out there?