This Lipstick Will Turn You Into Wintertime Royalty

There are lipsticks that WORK for winter, but Ice Queen was MADE for winter.

Show of hands: Am I the only one who’s never finished a single tube of lipstick? Yeah, the stuff can last you awhile, but I blame it more on my tendency to lust after a new shade for weeks, only to purchase it and quickly become obsessed with something else.

As always, the original Lipstick Queen herself, Poppy King, has a super-cool, super-versatile solution for my lipstick issues. Enter Ice Queen, a shimmery, white lipstick that’s basically filled with stars and magic and wonder.

I know, I know, it doesn’t look like much at first. Kind of like an Elmer’s glue stick, really. But take a peek at what it looks like on the lips, all by itself.

Freaking stunning, right? You can see much better here what makes this lippie so special: its silver and gold flecks, which seamlessly illuminate your lips. Best of all--for me, at least--it’s such a simple, subtle addition to your lip game that you can totally apply it without a mirror, or even a steady hand. So, as you might have guessed, I use it constantly.

But this A+ multitasker doesn’t stop there. It’s also packed with hydrating ingredients like vitamin E and nourishing oils to ensure that your gorgeous, natural lip color shines through as flawless and flake-free as can be. Also, and this is a big binus, you can layer it over any other lip color to instantly winterize your look.

The MUFE Light Rosewood shade is my neutral for chillier months. With Ice Queen on top, it promptly becomes a sexy, glamorous shade more suited for nights out. Its iridescence even swings the shade toward purple, a bonus that I’m pretty pumped about.

Holy surprise: I thought I’d test out Ice Queen over my go-to berry color (Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lip Color Stick in Pop), and it instantly transformed it into a bold, nearly neon, pink. Typically a spring shade, somehow, here, it still looks icy and entirely sled-ready.


  • Have you been dying to get your be-mittened paws on Ice Queen?
  • What other lip products do you love to layer?