The 5 Best Reds Lipstick Queen Has to Offer, According to This LQ Superfan

Ever since I was 17, I have looked to this brand for the best red lipsticks (and gloss!).
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June 8, 2016
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As a teenager, I got a Saturday job at Space NK, the beauty boutique. It had me counting my lucky stars; at 17 years old, I knew it would be a long time before I would be able to pay for my own collection of NARS and Laura Mercier, before I could justify buying Tom Ford perfume or Fekkai haircare. Luckily, we were able to borrow products and use samples so we could get to know our stock properly. I was probably the most expensively groomed teenager in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

I bought my first tube of red lipstick with one of my first paychecks from that job. At the time we had a small but perfectly formed range from Lipstick Queen, comprising only of their Saints and Sinners lipsticks. I chose Saint Red, and that golden metal casing made me feel very grown-up indeed.

Ever since that day, I have looked to Lipstick Queen for the best-quality, most wearable, and most aesthetically pleasing lipsticks around.

Poppy King's creative direction always goes somewhere unique and is not necessarily trend-led. She draws inspiration from Old Hollywood, classical art, and popular culture to create lipstick that goes beyond just the shades and finishes and into a conceptual space. I love the worlds she builds with lipstick.

So, without further ado, here are the reds I love from Lipstick Queen — all lipsticks that I have bought or been given as gifts. I'm a superfan!

The Sheer Red

Lipstick Queen's core line is made up of a range of shades from red to nude that come in two different finishes: Saint and Sinner. Saint Red is a true red with a balance of blue and yellow pigment, but it goes on sheer enough to allow a little of your natural lip color to come through. It's a semi-matte finish that wears nicely and doesn't slip and slide around your lips.

I particularly like to wear this on days when I'm not wearing any other makeup. Just swipe and go.

The Red Gloss

Don't call it a comeback, because people never stopped wearing lip gloss. The Seven Deadly Sins gloss has a really beautiful formulation: super-pigmented, super-glossy, and not in the least bit sticky. The first time I used this I was truly impressed by the color pay off. Just one swipe of Lust gives a deep, glossy finish. I like this on its own or over another red lip color for maximum impact.

The Metallic Red

This lipstick is some kind of sorcery. I was not initially that excited about the idea of a metallic red lip; I figured it would be grainy and high-maintenance. The Metals collection is the opposite of that.

The lipstick goes on super-smooth and has a pleasing satin finish that really allows the metallic pigments to come through. Red Metal is the red lipstick you wear on your most glamorous, DGAF night out, confident in the knowledge that it will last as long as you do (11 p.m. if you're an old lady like me).

The Holy Grail Red

I've raved about Sinner Red on xoVain before, so I won't bore you for too long. Suffice to say that no other red lipstick comes close in my eyes. Moisturizing, long-wearing, intensely pigmented, and sturdily packaged, this baby will never let you down.

The Red That's So Blue It's Nearly Pink

Lipstick Queen calls Cupid's Bow in Daphne a "ravishing hot rose," but I think it's just red enough to qualify for this list. This pencil has replaced my old favorite, NARS Dragon Girl. It's got a strong color payoff, and it's very easy to apply because the tip keeps its shape for a long time. When the time came to sharpen it, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to do so thanks to the sturdiness of the pencil.

This product has a slightly glossy finish and feels very light on my lips. As a result, it does transfer easily, but that's the only bad thing I could say.

I swatched each color on my arm so you can get a better sense of the different tones and finishes.

Of course, this by no means covers all the reds that this brand offers. I haven't tried Eden yet, their standalone "magic apple red," or the reds in their Silver Screen or Velvet Rope collections. For now, though, I think I'm covered.

  • Is there one beauty brand that makes you gush like I just did?
  • Do you have any Lipstick Queen products?
  • Lipstick Queen lipsticks don't have any scent to them! Is that something you guys like?