Quick Question: Would You Wear A Lip Gloss Necklace?

What about one covered in Swarovski crystals that's "almost as though a thousand little rainbows have kissed you"?
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April 9, 2013
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I may be totally fabricating a memory, but I'm pretty sure I had a little plastic necklace with lip gloss in it when I was a kid. I want to say it was from Mattel's Poochie, the white cartoon dog with pink ears--but again, that might have never actually happened. If it did, though, I'm sure I would've loved it. A grown-up thing like lip gloss combined with a grown-up thing like jewelry? That's like little-girl crack.

The thing is, while lip gloss and jewelry may be things adults wear, combining them seems a bit juvenile to me. That hasn't stopped a number of not-for-kids brands from selling lip gloss lockets, though--the latest being this one from Swarovski.

It's a sweet-smelling, shimmery pink gloss inside a metal thingy covered in pink Swarovski crystals. Or, as the official product description on HSN reads:

Envision daybreak. The world sparkles with first light on the last of the dew. Soft rays float gently through the early mist and an explosion of tiny pastel rainbows reveals the delicacy of morning. This gloss -- your lips. It's almost as though a thousand of those little rainbows have kissed you. There's something almost magical about the morning light...

That, I assure you, is not a false memory. That description totally happened.

Anyway, today's Quick Question is: Would you wear a lip gloss necklace? Would you wear THIS lip gloss necklace?

I did for about a half hour because it kind of matched my shirt.