Help Fund My Lip Injections And Clean My Room!

Today we're talking financial responsibility and giving stuff away, duh.
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October 1, 2013
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MERRRRP. Only joking about the lip injections. Not joking about getting them--I want swollen, pouty, bouncy lips to match my vapid upward stare--I'm joking about you helping to fund them. I'll be doing that myself, thankyouverymuch, solely on loose change.

I figured I'd fund something totally frivolous and unnecessary with something a lot of people find totally frivolous and unnecessary: American currency in the form of coins. Dude in front of me at the deli downstairs dropped $.78 worth of change on the ground that didn't quite make it in his pocket in his rush to get to Goldman Sachs, where he obviously works.

So money might not grow on trees, kids, but it ends up scattered around on the earth for the taking like acorns or pinecones or pine nuts or corn nuts or whatever else trees make. And that, my friends, is how I plan on making the Monica-Bellucci lips of my dreams a reality. (Never quarters, though. I need those are for laundry.)

Meanwhile, I'm busy wearing pleather school girl skirts and bras masquerading as tops. Maybe not "office appropriate" where you work, but I showed up in leopard hot pants and the same sheer tights that I'd been wearing all weekend yesterday to Jane being all, "Cuuuutttee!" And Jane's approval and affection is my lifeblood.

The skirt is vintage from Etsy. I tore it up on Etsy over the past few weeks, buying all the vintage. I'm sure I talk about it too much, but I used to have a vintage shop on Etsy and love supporting other chicks' shops now that mine is RIP. (Before, though, I'd flag all their '90s stuff as not real vintage and leave horrible reviews whenever I purchased anything that wasn't immaculate. JOKING.)

Please excuse the state of my room-cum-closet. (HA!) It's more just a closet and beauty product storage facility at this point, I sleep and watch Shark Tank and Eastbound & Down at Dude's place, which is a street over. I eat at Grand Morello's, land of the $3 taco with an entire chicken and whole avocado inside.

Organization tips? My biggest problem is deciding which clothing items to hang and which to fold. There's some sort of rule to this, isn't there?

Congrats, Chrystani! You won the colorful brow/lash mascaras from last time. And rightfully so, that HAT!

Today I'm giving away some fancy-ass toothpaste from Rembrant, which I use and love and will rant about later this afternoon.

Selfie away! And tell me all about your favorite Etsy purchase while being over 18 and in the United States of America and omg do we even still have a government?