4 Lip Colors To Wear With Bright Red Hair

Because part of the fun of a new hair color is new makeup.

Every time I change my hairstyle I always forget it will likely mean I'll need to adjust my makeup, too. What works for one hair color may not work for another. My new Rihanna red hair demanded some new lip color options.

So here are four lipstick and lip pencil combos to try if you have bright burgundy hair like mine. Of course I've tried and tested (and loved!) them all.

1. The Matchy-Matchy Burgundy Lip

Products used: NYX Cosmetics Slide On Eye Pencil in Jet Black and Nicka K Lipstick in 931 Burgundy

When I have black, brown, or even blonde hair, my normal go-to red lipstick is Pure Red by NYX Cosmetics. Since my new crimson hair color is hella bright, I felt that the pure red lip color would be too overpowering. So instead I matched my lip to the dark undertones of my extensions.

Technique: Line your lips with a jet black eyeliner and fill them in with a few coats of burgundy lipstick. Then gently rub your lips together until the colors mix, creating a darker shade of burgundy, thanks to the black liner.

2. Contrasting Purple

Products used: Nicka K Auto Lip Pencil in Indigo and Black Radiance Perfect Tone Lip Color in 5117 Plum Orchid

Purple lips and red hair make for a very passionate combination. A plum lip complements my hair color without overshadowing it. And I like the edginess of the contrast.

Technique: Line your lips with a dark purple pencil and then fill them in with that same lip pencil. Go over your lips twice with a deep purple shade to add shine and make the look pop.

3. The Subtle Nude

Products used: Nicka K Lip Pencil in Cocoa and NYX Matte Lipstick in Butter

I love nude lipstick, and it's a safe bet for daring hair colors. Contrary to what some might think, dark-skinned girls can totally pull off nude lipstick. Adding a brown lip pencil makes this muted shade extra pretty next to my brown skin.

Technique: Line your lips with a dark brown lip pencil and fill them in with a creamy nude lipstick. Then rub your lips together to soften the lip line.

4. A Pink That Pops

Products used: Nicka K Auto Lip Liner in Deep Pink and NYX Matte Lipstick in Summer Breeze

Unlike the dark purple shade that brought out the undertones of my hair, this bright pink hue did the opposite and brightened up my face and hair color. While definitely fun, this combo is not for the faint of heart.

Technique: Line your lips with a bright pink lip liner and then fill them in with a deep, rich pink. NYX's Summer Breeze only requires one coat.

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  • Which hair color/lip combo do you like the best?
  • What lip colors look best with your current or natural hair color?