What's Inside E.L.F.'s Wicked Halloween Beauty Books

When I was shopping for Halloween makeup for my last LOTW, I stumbled across some new E.L.F. Halloween-themed beauty boxes. Each little kit comes with virtually everything you need to create specific looks, including: Vampire, Diva, Enchanted, and Wicked. I picked up Vampire and Wicked to show you guys what these sets can do!

Each box comes with a pair of false lashes (glue included), eight eye shadows, applicator sponges (pretty unnecessary but I appreciate the thought), an eyeliner pencil, a lip color, and basic instructions listed on the inside cover.

As far as quality, the kits are a mixed bag. The eye shadows have really great shades and pigmentation but can be a bit dusty. They work perfectly over primer, though. The eyeliner was more pigmented then I expected, but it is a pretty hard pencil so I had to warm it up in my hands. The lip colors were really sheer, but you can build up the color pretty well; I like the formula a lot. (It feels like the NYX Butter Glosses or MAC Cremesheen Glass.) The one thing I strongly disliked about these kits were the lashes. They are very thin and flimsy and I couldn’t get them to stay on for anything; the glue was pretty useless and even my DUO Lash Adhesive couldn’t get them to stay on. For $6 each, though, I say the shadows really make these palettes worth it.

Vampire Beauty Box

The colors in this box are what drew my eye to it in the first place--they’re very warm, rich, and gorgeous.

I decided to go glam vampire so I used the brick red shade on the mobile lid (on top of my usual E.L.F primer), the deep burgundy in the crease, the pumpkin shade as a transition color, and the white as a brow bone and inner corner highlight. I lined my lids with the provided black pencil and smudged it out with the deepest shade in the palette to create a smoky look. Then I added the lip color and a couple of coats of mascara (after multiple failed lash attempts).

Wicked Beauty Box

I also really loved the colors in this palette, although they are not my usual go-tos. For my “Wicked” look I used the dark grey all over the lid, the purple in the crease, the orange/red color as a transition shade, and the golden yellow as a brow and inner corner highlight. I finished everything off with mascara and a pretty generous amount of the black lip color. (FYI, it took a while to build the color.)

  • Have you guys seen any of these Limited Edition Kits popping up in your drugstore?
  • Which one is your favorite?
  • Are you into one-stop-shop kits like this, or do you prefer to create your own?