Lilac Blush Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Cheek Breakouts

My concealer is great, but once I apply pink-toned blush, I always feel like the redness of my blemishes is being accentuated. This cool, purply blush has changed everything!
Publish date:
April 14, 2014
blushes, breakouts, tony moly, discoloration

I’ve been struggling with some really bad breakouts
lately, which has inevitably led to me picking my face incessantly. As a result, I’ve got a
horrible patch of blemishes all down one side of my face, and it’s sort of
making me not want to go outside or even bother applying makeup. I don’t
want to be a big whiner, but my skin is usually so clear and happy that I have
no idea what to do with this new breakout situation except stay in bed all day
and feel sorry for myself.

The worst part so far about my newfound face issues is the
blush problem. My concealer is great, but once I apply my usual pink-toned
blush, I always feel like the redness of my blemishes is being accentuated. Every time I
apply blush, I end up standing in front of the mirror frantically wiping my
face with toilet paper in a state of panic.

Turns out the answer to my woes was hiding right there in my
makeup bag with the other blushes all along.

Mari’s urging, I bought Tony
Moly Crystal Blusher in Milky Violet last time I visited Pacific Mall. I've worn it
a few times since, but always felt like it was more of a special look (it’s a
big hit at space-themed parties), and for the most part, it sat unused in my makeup

But the other day, I tried the lilac shade in place of my normal
blushes, and you know what happened? The cool powdery purple cancelled out the
red! I suppose it’s just basic colour theory that a cool colour would combat a
warm one, but I was really impressed by just how well it worked. I finally felt
confident and cute again.

For special events, I layer it on really heavy so I look like
a powdery doll, and for everyday wear, I add
a barely visible hint to give my face some extra ethereal colour and glow. It’s
truly the only thing saving me from putting on a Phantom of the Opera-like mask
while I work on healing up the mess I’ve made!