Last-Minute Lichtenstein-Inspired Halloween Makeup

Didn’t plan a costume? You can get this look with just four products.

Getting into the Halloween spirit may be a lot of fun, but it can also be really inconvenient and stressful. Case in point: last year I planned a full-on party and got so busy that I neglected to organize a costume until the day of. After a 12-minute stress attack, I remembered seeing some Pop Art-themed body paint at a recent photography expo and decided to try my hand at it.

My excitement compounded when I realized I could execute the look using products that were already in my makeup bag--no face paint or expensive professional costume makeup required. You won’t believe it, but you can create this Lichtenstein-inspired face makeup using JUST FOUR PRODUCTS.

  • One red lipstick (I used Kanebo The Lipstick #1 New Ginza Red)
  • Something to make dots with, such as a lipstick brush, the tip of a pen, a stiff brush, or even a lip gloss applicator, although the latter results in less perfect round dots.
  • A liquid eyeliner (I used my Chanel Ecriture De Chanel Eyeliner Pen)
  • A bright eye shadow or eyeliner (I used L.A. Girl)

The look is simple enough to replicate, but I won’t lie to you, dear readers, it does take a bit of time.

Step One: Vibrant Eye Shadow

Easy peasy. Just take your eye shadow or eyeliner and color in your entire mobile lid. If you have hooded eyes (like me) you can extend it above your crease. Don’t blend or shade, as that takes away from the comic book illustration effect.

Step Two: Liner And Brows

Using your liquid liner of choice, follow the shape of the eye shadow, creating a winged outline from your tear duct to the corner of your eye. Line underneath your lower lashes as well, then sharply outline and color in your eyebrows. Use concealer and a brush to neaten any mistakes.

Step Three: Dots!

Take your red lipstick and dotting tool of choice and draw dots on one row at a time. Alternate the spacing of the dots from row to row: each dot should fall below the empty space between two other dots.

Make sure to dot your ears and eyelids. Leave no surface un-dotted. (OK, leave some surfaces un-dotted. Just dot your entire face but don’t go crazy).

Step Four: Outlines

After coating your lips with that same red lipstick, use your liquid liner to outline, or “contour,” areas where dark spaces naturally occur on the face--cheekbones, worry lines between your brows, chin line, nose lines, nostrils, and ear creases.

Voila. You’re a work of art.

Now put on something polka dotted and go get your Lichtenstein on!

  • What other art works would make a good low-maintenance, last-minute costume?
  • Is anyone thinking of trying this one? What tweaks would you make?