I'm a Beauty Control Freak, But I Let Someone Else Do My Makeup For a Change

Other than the great results, here are the four things that made it easier for me to enjoy the experience.
Publish date:
May 16, 2016
makeup artists, friends

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had my makeup done by someone else. Every so often, I get an itch to be in the makeup chair rather than tending to someone in sitting in one, but almost every time, I have not been very happy with the experience and/or results.

Recently, I collaborated with my makeup-artist friend Brittani on another xoVain piece, and I asked her how she would feel about joining forces with me again. I’ve been low-key fangirling over her work for a minute, so I was excited to let her use my face as her canvas.

Here are some things that made my experience go so well that I wouldn’t hesitate to let her do my makeup again.

She was well-prepared.

Pretty much every time I’ve gotten my makeup done before (whether it be at a beauty counter, a salon, etc.) I’ve felt like the artist didn’t necessarily have everything together. There was one time that it was kind of a drop-in deal, so I understand in that case, but all the other times I came in person to schedule the appointment and talked to the artist beforehand about what I wanted.

Brittani and I talked about what I was looking for, and she had everything she needed on hand.

We had a dialogue about what I was looking for.

I am fairly experimental with my makeup, so I don’t mind giving an artist a little freedom to do what they want on me; my only stipulation is that we keep the foundation light and my face looking fresh. It took me a lot of trial and error to find a combination of products that makes my skin look good, so I don’t want to heavily cover it up.

After tossing a few ideas back and forth, we decided to play up my eyes for our session. I liked that she asked questions about what I wanted, and we were able to communicate clearly.

She talked to me about what she was doing.

This is not going to be a make-or-break for everyone, but I’m chatty, and I like to know what’s being done to my face. I don’t need a full play-by-play, but I appreciate knowing what’s going on.

She was open to adjustments.

Brittani was really good about letting me get a look at what she was doing at various points during our session and asking me if there was anything I wanted adjusted. I appreciated that she was open to my opinions and genuinely wanted to make sure that I was pleased with the results.

I really found having my makeup done to be a relaxing experience (FINALLY) and I definitely want to try it again!

Have you ever had your makeup done professionally? What have your experiences (good or bad) been?