Symmetrical Beauty Marks And Intense Lashes: Get Lena Fujii's Look

Are two moles better than one?

My friend's ex-boyfriend used to tell me I looked like Lena Fujii. Who? I wondered, as I vainly typed her name into Google.

I mean, he was being pretty generous. I recognized her instantly, not only because she regularly graces the pages of my beloved ViVi, but also because her face is marked by two distinct near-symmetrical moles.

The only thing symmetrical about my face is the occasional Padme Amidala-style acne.

Of course, I did what any sane person would do when made aware of their so-called doppelgänger: I changed my Facebook profile pic into a blurry, vaguely Mari-esque Lena photo. I got some likes, I'm assuming from fellow ViVi-o-philes, but I also got a "Wow, that's a great picture of you, you look SO different," which I'm taking as a double-edged insult-compliment.

I mean, sure, we could look alike if there was an IRL Photoshop stretch tool, and someone literally narrowed me down in both body and face (Lena's apparently 161cm, which is around my height, which… how is that possible?).

But I'm going to show you how to get the Lena look anyway--without resorting to a face transplant and a 15 day juice cleanse.

Lena's look is fairly natural, but with a heavy emphasis on lashes. First, using an angled brush, I applied a dark brown shadow to the very base of my lashes.

Then, using Real Lasting Tears Tank (a shiny highlighter), I highlighted my aegyo sal. Typically, Lena's "eye bags" are edited out in shoots, but in real life, she definitely wears the look beautifully.

Using a round brush, I then took Urban Decay's Buck and created the aegyo sal shadows.

I used Anastasia Brow powder to fill and shape my brows.

Finally, I added falsies to my upper lashes. If you want to go all out doll-version Lena, you could try lower false lashes too or be extra-generous with your mascara. I hate removing mascara, so I skipped it.

For lips, I used a nude lip liner to fill in my mouth, followed by lip balm, and for cheeks, Benefit's Dandelion on the apples.

For the pièce de résistance, MAC's Powerpoint pencil stood in for Lena's signature double beauty marks. Not gonna lie, they did make me feel more Lena-y,

I also added fake bangs, even though curly hair and bangs never makes sense on me.

Anyway, do the moles work? Do you ever fake beauty marks? Will I ever be in ViVi? (Say yes.) These are the questions I pose to the universe.