Tubing My Lashes To Get The Disney Princess Eyes Of My Dreams

Natural and cruelty-free, Cherry Blooms lash extensions claim to enhance lashes by 300%.

When you think of Disney princesses, you probably think of a few specific traits: flowing hair, an incredible singing voice, and gigantic eyes with long, thick lashes.

Having been a big Disney fan for most of my life, I’ve always admired the latter. Plus, I grew up with a best friend with the longest eyelashes EVER. Seriously, she could give Belle and Jasmine a run for their money. Her lashes are so long that they have to be towel-dried to keep from drooping in her eyes.

Meanwhile, my lashes are just average, and in an effort to compete with best friends and animated characters alike, I’ve been known to pile on mascara, eyelash growing serums, and whatever else I can get my paws on.

Most recently, my paws latched onto Cherry Blooms EyeLash Extensions. At $70, the product claims to give “300% long, thicker eyelashes in 60 seconds” by creating a tube of fiber around each of your lashes. It's definitely a splurge, but is it worth it? Well, that depends on what your dream lashes look like.


Two tubes are encased in a little black box with silk lining. The larger tube of Transplanting Mascara Gel uses a formula made with beeswax to help the extensions stick. The smaller Fibre tube contains the actual fibers, which are made of natural cellulose and are safe for sensitive eyes.


You apply the gel, brush on the fibers, then seal with more gel. The more you layer, the bigger your lashes get.

This whole 60-second extensions idea seemed too good to be true, but I was pretty eager to see what kind of results I could achieve. I started with my normal eyelashes, all clean and dry and ready for some massive growth.

As instructed, I carefully painted on the gel with about 15 strokes per eye. The product didn’t smell the greatest (very plasticky), and I was surprised to see it was black and acted a lot like regular mascara, but it was still very straightforward to use, as promised, and automatically made my lashes look way bigger.

Next, I added the fibers, brushing them on just as I would a mascara. These tiny little fibers are like soft hairs, and it was pretty fun to watch them stick in the base formula and form mega-thick, reinforced lashes. It took a bit of work to make sure they were attached in the right spots and weren’t causing any weird clumps, but overall the process was pretty simple.

Once I felt like the fuzz had clung to all the right places, I added a coat of gel to seal my newly tubed lashes. (Side note: with water, the lash extensions actually slide off as tiny tubes.) Here’s my final result.


I love this product. Not only is it non-animal tested and 100% natural, but it really works. And while it's not ideal for natural, soft extensions, it delivers for those wanting thickness and drama. I don’t know how me and my average lashes ever lived without this magic!

  • Now, tell me about all the different lash-enhancing products and treatments you've tried.
  • Any of them work?