Get Kylie Jenner's Overdrawn Lips Without Looking Crazy

Here's the injection-free way to get a gorgeously full kisser.

Controversial opinion alert: when it comes to beauty, I think that the Kardashians are some of the biggest influencers in the world.

I’m not talking high fashion, editorial realness. But in terms of what women are actually wearing and doing in real life, they’re huge. I have been asked more questions about contouring, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, and nude lipstick than almost anything else, and I know it’s because of that signature, omnipresent Kardashian look.

Lately, though, I’ve noticed a shift away from Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. It seems like the world is becoming more curious about Kardashian-Jenner: The Next Generation. Between Kylie’s haircut and Kendall’s bronzer, the younger K women are providing beauty inspiration in their own right.

And nothing has generated more curiosity than Kylie’s lips.

Speaking as someone who lives for everything over the top, I am STOKED that overdrawing (or "Kylie Jenner lips," as this is being called) is becoming a trend. Drawing your lips on as slightly bigger than they really are is a great way to get a fuller kisser, and it hurts less than injections.

But when I tell people that Kylie’s gorgeous lips are achieved with lip liner, people panic. Visions of Mommie Dearest dance in their heads. But when executed correctly, this can be a really chic and subtle look.

Today I’m going to show you how to overdraw your lips without looking crazy-pants.

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Concealer that matches your skin- Powder- A lip liner in a shade close to your natural lip color- A matte or satin lipstick in a shade close to the liner- A light, non-sticky lip gloss

Begin by blending the concealer around the outline of your lips. Don’t take it in too far; you just want to hide your mouth’s natural perimeter a little.

Next, apply some powder overtop to set the concealer. You can brush this all over your lips if you like. (I don’t love this feeling, so I keep it atop the concealer only.)

With your sharpened lip liner, begin tracing slightly outside the natural outline of your lips. The further outside the periphery you draw this line, the bigger and stranger your lips will look; keep it small for a subtle look.

Using small, feathery strokes from the outside in, fill in both lips with the liner. This will stop any strange color delineations between skin and lips. It also provides a good base for your lip color to adhere to. I’m using Sonia Kashuk Lip Definer in Bloom, a slightly dusty rose shade that compliments my coloring really well.

Apply your lipstick on top. Kylie seems to prefer matte lipsticks, but I find that colors with a bit of shine work better in real life. I’m using Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle, which I’ve applied over my lip liner with an angled brush.

Finally, to create even more depth and dimension, I dabbed a tiny bit of semi-clear lip gloss in the center of my upper and lower lips. This is NARS Lip Gloss in Easy Lover (which I MAY have bought because of how much I love the Spice Girls), which applies as a lightly pink-tinted, extremely shiny gloss that is lightweight but never sticky.

And that’s how you do it!

As you can see, this doesn’t look overdone. My lips are slightly fuller, but the essential proportions of my face haven’t changed. Nobody will chase me down in the street and demand to know what I've pumped into my lips.

And of course, you don’t have to stick with restrained, "my lips but better" shades. If you keep the shape fairly close to your natural lip line, bright colors look amazing as well. Here’s the exact same technique done in bright red.

That’s the basic, subtle shape. The more dramatic shape--which Kylie Jenner is a fan of--involves rounding out the upper lip and extending the outer corners right to the very corners of the mouth.

Once it’s been filled in, lipsticked and glossed (yes, all of those are words, I am an editor now and I say so) this is definitely a much bolder look.

This definitely changes the proportions of my face and makes me look a little like a sexy cartoon. While it’s a great look when executed well, it definitely works a lot better in pictures than in real life. Maybe if I wore this with hardcore contouring and big eyelashes it might work better.

While these giant lips are a great thing to know how to do, they're a bit much for me. I think I'll leave Kylie Jenner lips to Kylie Jenner, and embrace a bit of subtle lip shaping instead.

So, let's talk. Are you a fan of overdrawn lips? Would you wear this, or is it best left in pictures? Are you a fan of the Klassic Kardashian beauty aesthetic, or are you signing on for the new Jenner-driven look?