Don’t Overlook This Intimidatingly Theatrical Brand for Intimidatingly Theatrical Highlight

That brand is theatrical, professional, "Makeup Is Science" brand, Kryolan
Publish date:
December 13, 2016
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If makeup was people (wow, what a fantastic start to an article), you know exactly who highlighter would be: obnoxious, most likely, but also so much fun — the kind of person who would be invaluable at a party, albeit pretty annoying when you’re trying to get any of your work done.

Highlight is great because it’s sparkly and shiny and all the things our eyes are naturally drawn towards, with no sophisticated pretense not to be. It’s the bachelorette party of makeup: loud and proud.

And, possibly because we are now living in the real life end times, highlight is ubiquitously popular. Everyone wears it, even my mum. If everything else has gone wrong, why not have a cheering stripe of iridescence on each cheekbone? What’s the worst that can happen? Wait, don’t answer that.

In spite of being probably the makeup product of 2016, there is a brand that makes some of the most sparkly, most iridescent, most bloody beautiful highlighters that nobody is talking about. That brand is theatrical, professional, Makeup Is Science brand, Kryolan, and I think that is a kryo-ling shame. My one woman mission is to put that right.

For a proper strobed look, the Shimmering Event Foundation is your best bet. What a great name! “Event” makeup! Just great.

The name is a bit misleading, though, because this isn’t really a foundation. It’s a liquid highlighting substance, although it has many uses. I like it as a primer or mixed into foundation for a slight tin-man look, as well as for facial highlighting and as a cream eyeshadow. It’s super reflective but without any chunky sparkles, so it sort of looks like wet shiny skin.

I have the shade Silver, which loosely translates to “not at all gold.” It isn’t silver, per se, as much as it is a super cool-toned white. They have a bunch of colours, though, so if you aren’t as pasty as I, you can still achieve the reflective skin look of your dreams (sorry, sorry — of my dreams). Also, it lasts an amazingly long time, even on my big oily eyelids.

For an even more exciting highlighting experience, may I point you in the direction of the Illusion Palettes. I have the five-colour one in the shade Instinct, which is better suited for lighter skintones. There is also a deeper one called Emotion, an eight-colour set featuring all the shades, plus you can buy the single pans individually.

Instinct contains Silk — a glossy white, Satin — a creamy tone with vibrant blue reflect, Cashmere — a champagne, Organza — a warm pale pink, and Chiffon — a cool lilac. If you’re just getting one, Satin is the star of this show. It’s really vibrant and unusual, kind of like a sparklier and more intense Milk Makeup Holographic Stick. All of these shades have a dewy, glossy finish, while the Shimmering Event Foundation can be built up quite opaquely and sets down.

The cool thing about these products is their multipurpose use. I know you’re thinking, I don’t need an opaque pink cream highlighter, but try it on the lips for a retro frosty finish. It also makes a surprisingly natural dimensional pink blush. The Chiffon shade is just translucent enough to be a gorgeous, glossy, alien-y highlight. And Satin all over the eye gives amazing snowflake-looking, frostbitten shine. Apparently you can use them on the body too, but I don’t know if the pans would last too long if you were smearing them all over your legs.

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