LOTW: I Let My Toddler Do My Makeup

There is cheek stain IN my ear.
Publish date:
February 19, 2015
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Equal parts impractical and whimsical, blogger Summer Bellessa recently let her toddler pick out her outfits for a week. Spoiler alert: Her kid has mad style and she looks good in literally everything. Thanks for nothing, Summer!

I had to wonder if my own toddler possessed similar mystical gifts. Clearly his talents are not in fashion, since he’s fundamentally against pants, socks, and shoes.

Pancake, my son, always asks to help when he's watching me put on my makeup.

I usually just give him a dab of moisturizer or swatch some shadow on his wrist. So when I pulled out my makeup kit and asked him to help, he was DELIGHTED.

A few things I wish I'd thought of before I let him run wild: 1.) Tarte Cheek stain really stains (a lot), and not just on cheeks, and 2.) toddlers aren't ones for subtelty, or makeup brushes.

Sitting here today, I feel lucky that I still have both of my eyes.

He didn’t agree with a strong brow, and instead opted for a mall-goth circa 1997 look. I swear to you he’s never seen The Crow.

He literally SLAPPED the makeup on.

And then I got cheek stain in my ear. More than a little.

But while it wasn't fun to be the model, it was hilarious to see Pancake trying to mimic what he'd seen me do. Not bad for a two-year-old, in my opinion. Just imagine what he'll be able to do when he's five! Kidding. So totally kidding.

It was so, so hard to choose my favorite looks from last week's LOTW, because you are ALL babes! But here are the three that stayed with me.

  • Have you ever let a kid help you put on your makeup? How'd that work out for ya?
  • Are you checking out spring/summer looks yet?
  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a drugstore eye shadow in a highly pigmented purple? They are so elusive!

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