Oh My God, I Smashed My Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder

I can't afford to replace it right now, so I'm searching for a super-cheap replacement.
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June 28, 2016
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In the laws of my brain, once you've bought something you want, then it should be yours forever, right? When you decide to buy something expensive, the very least it can do is hang around for eternity. But, heartbreakingly, this is not the case, as I discovered the hard way, when my Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder exploded, leaving a cloud of brown dust in its wake.

I know there's a mythology that smashed things can be fixed with rubbing alcohol and tissues and such, but my KASP wasn't just cracked — it had evaporated. It was loose powder, and it was everywhere, and it was a tragedy.

Unwilling to fiscally recommit to what is, in all honesty, a very expensive brown powder, I put my thinking cap on. Because I'm unstoppable and a menace, I had a few other "contouring" products in my arsenal: good news for my big fat head. I don't wear full makeup every day (or basically any day) but when I do, I enjoy a chiseled line smudged under my "cheekbones." It's barely contouring (no nose or forehead business, no 10 shades of foundation), but it helps.

In the genuine contour category were sets from Wet 'n' Wild and Maybelline. These both also come with highlighters. The WnW palette, in the shade Dulce de Leche, does have a wonderful texture: a creamy, so-soft powder. The yellow, matte "highlight" is a fine, soft, redness-reducing face powder. The Maybelline Master Sculpt is harder but still nice and blendable, although the highlight is too glittery and sheer. But the "contour" shades in both are way too warm.

I don't know the science of why, but warm contour makes me look absolutely crazy. I want to mimic shadow, and shadow is basically gray. Warm brown, not so much.

I also owned the cult classic L.A. Girl Pro Conceal in the shade Toast. People all over the internet had compared this to Kryolan Cream Contours and the like, saying it gave drag-queen-quality contour for only $2.99. But again: way too warm, and also too pigmented. A tiny dot still gave too much pigment to look anything resembling natural. It's perfect for people who want to look snatched as hell, but too much like hard work for lazy me.

Needing something cooler (in tone) I looked further afield in my eyeshadow palettes. There had to be a cool taupey brown there, right? RIGHT! In my Naked Basics Palette I found Naked2 and Faint — one too dark and one too light, but could be mixed very nicely for a natural, shadowy contour shade. And in ol' faithful, the LORAC Pro, a shade actually called Taupe which looked deeply promising. Both worked to create shadowy contour, and were eminently soft and blendable.

But do I really want to be carrying around a full palette, and trying to fit a face brush into a tiny eyeshadow? Seems annoying to me.

That said, this eyeshadow thing got me thinking. A while ago, when I was younger and more money-sensible (poorer) I didn't want to jump straight into a Kevyn Aucoin swimming pool head-first. With the foolhardy confidence that comes with "youth," I decided that all taupey-cool-brown powders are basically the same thing.

And with that, after a brief bit of Googling, I ended up wearing W7 Eyeshadow in Burnt Sienna on my cheeks, loud and proud. And in case you think I am being totally useless (I aim to be only mildly useless), here is a very old photo of the KASP with my original W7 (which I smashed, and thus the story comes full circle) from my old "blog" to compare. Similar, right?

So, instead of repurchasing KASP, I have ordered Burnt Sienna from eBay. And due to my clear propensity for smashing things, I think I might just wear cheap eyeshadow on my cheeks in the future. You get a sizable pan, and although the packaging is plastic, it's hardly like the expensive stuff stood up to a battering either. It's not as fancy or "luxe," but it does do the job, and really all I'm trying to do here is get by.

Here it is on my face.

  • Have you ever put eyeshadow on your cheeks?
  • What's the saddest thing you ever smashed?