Katy Perry Made Me Buy Peach Lipstick

I also kissed a girl and I liked it, but that's another story.
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November 29, 2013
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In case you haven't picked up on it from my many sneaky mentions in almost every post I write, I am a huge Katy Perry fangirl. This is not a joke. I've tried to fight it, but there's really nothing I can do to help myself against her.

I saw her movie over a year ago, and I have been helplessly hooked ever since. I went as California Gurl Katy for Halloween this year, I’ve made it my personal mission to make all her haters watch her Part of Me movie, and I've even convinced my bestie and fellow Katy Cat to get a matching KP tattoo with me. I'm a lost cause.

True, she has created some super-offensive songs like "Ur So Gay" in the past, a jab I take quite personally as a member of the queer community; she doesn't call herself a feminist; and she seems to have exceptionally horrible taste in men (why all the whiny cheaters?).

Those downfalls aside, though, she has crazy-catchy songs written from her own personal experiences, isn't scared to be funny/weird/without makeup on camera regardless of her celebrity status, and has the most admirably stand-out sense of style I've seen come out of Hollywoodland. Seriously, she is amazing, I swear! Watch her movie and get back to me.

Like all other devoted Katy Cats, I've been eagerly awaiting the long-overdue release of Katy's new album, PRISM. When it finally dropped October 22, I listened to the album loud, on repeat for three days straight while I worked, cleaned, napped with my cats, etc.

The new album is just as bubblegum-pop as the last, filled with cutesy cake analogies and the tender spilling of emotions. Each song has something to offer, but I got something I hadn't been expecting from one track (the girliest girl song ever), "International Smile." The lyrics pretty explicitly describe a beauty look, and I was totally into it.

Some say this song is about Katy herself, others swear it's a description of her best pal, Mia Moretti, but there is only one consensus from me: so cute! I very quickly decided I wanted to look like this song, so I took a quick inventory:

"Black Ray Bans, you know she's with the band." Yup, have those.

"Always leaves a trail of stardust." See glitter dandruff.

"Flowers in her hair, she don't care." Check--plenty of flowers in my house.

"Peach-pink lips, yeah everybody stares." The missing link!

Although I may be a heavy supporter of all things peachy pink, I don't have peach lipstick! /to be honest, I don't really have any lipstick at all. Every partner I've ever had, girl or boy or anywhere in-between, has had this extreme aversion to lipstick and practically begged me not to wear it.

Apparently, lipstick makes me unkissable, though I could've sworn it was supposed to have the opposite effect? I mean really, is there anything cuter than someone marked up with cheerfully coloured kiss marks from their beloved? According to the people I date, there is nothing worse.

Though lipstick is forever ingrained in my mind as an offence worthy of a "no kissing" punishment, I couldn't get the catchy lyrics out of my head. I wanted some peach-pink lips, dammit!

So I rebelliously marched to the nearest Sephora and spent 22 smackaroos on the prettiest peach lipstick I could find, which happened to be Stila's Color Balm Lipstick in Elle.

Oh my gosh, how have I been missing out on lipstick for so long?! This Stila product is like a magical stick of pepperminty goodness that somehow seems to hydrate and colour my lips at the same time! I fear a lipstick monster may be made of me yet.

It's so good that I'm almost as addicted to it as I am to the new Katy Perry album itself. Almost.

But seriously people, go get some peach pink lips. Katy says so.