K-Pop Eyes: Intense Yet Playful Eye Makeup From 2NE1's Park Bom

Behind every K-pop girl group member, there is a beauty look waiting to happen.
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November 21, 2013
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I'll be the first to admit, I don't know much about K-pop. I do know that when I happen to catch some groups performing on the television set of a nearby Korean restaurant, the ladies always look on-point. They are like robotic Asian Barbie dolls, painted to perfection, with un-smudged eye makeup and poreless, porcelain skin. Of course I want to be like them.

My 14-year-old cousin is obsessed, so I asked her to let me know who I should look out for in terms of beauty. She pointed me in the direction of 2NE1--and in particular, Park Bom.

In the "Follow Me" video, the focal point of her look is her eyes. Liner is extended on the top and bottom, creating a look that's piercing, poppy and cute. I typically am not a fan of black eyeliner (unpopular opinion alert!) but I love a bit of experimentation now and then.

Bom uses more of a silvery-blue base for this look, but y'all know how much I love my neutrals, so I went with champagne shades.

First, I used a combination of Urban Decay's Bust (a soft shimmery beige) and Missionary (a greyish, shimmery taupe) on my eyelids up tot he crease. Then I used Zephyr (warm white, with a soft sheen) on the outer corners.

Using MAC's Powerpoint pencil in Engraved, which is soft and glides on smoothly, I lined my entire eye, including top and bottom waterlines.

I then went over it with a black liquid liner pen, and added to the existing lines by creating upward and downward flicks, similar to Bom's. You can add more of the white eyeshadow in between the two flicks if necessary.

I then added half false eyelashes to the other corner of my upper lash line. Using individual lashes cut to size in descending order (the longest set of lashes placed on the outer corner), I placed these on my bottom of my lash line.

For more drama, you can draw bottom lashes in with your eyeliner, or use spikier false lashes like these.

Here's the finished look:

It's fairly straightforward and a great way to change up your liner routine. Would you wear it?

Call me, we'll start a girl group.