Your New Favorite Mascara Is Made By A Nail Polish Brand

Who knew Julep would knock it out of the park with a mascara?
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January 16, 2015
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If I were on a fabulous desert island and only allowed to bring three products, I'd pack some tinted sunscreen, a bottle of perfume and, duh, mascara. There are days when I run out of the house without having put much thought into my outfit or face, but I'll tell you the one thing I never, ever forego: mascara. It's such an essential!

Now, I have a few HG mascaras, including my coveted CoverGirl Clump Crusher, which creates a soft, natural lash perfect for everyday wear. On days when I want something more demure, I'll opt for a feathery brown, and on days when I want something super in-your-face, I'll reach for a mascara that really amps up the volume and length.

Did I think that Julep--a brand known for its nail polish--would create a product that falls into the latter category? Nope! But I gave the new $24 Julep Length Matters Wow-Impact Mascara a go and found myself pretty darn impressed.

Let's talk about the wand action here. It's a "tapered, micro-bristle brush" that's very thin. The narrowness of the brush allows you to get right down to the roots of your lashes, which is especially important for all those smoky eyes. The wand and bristles are pretty rigid and I'd describe them as hard and comb-like.

Here are my lashes sans product. I'm not wearing any liner or shadow.

And here's me wearing the product on the left. The difference is unarguably dramatic. I've got more length, more volume, and definitely more curl.

Application does take some getting used to, and a little of Length Matters goes a long way. Overall, the formula is creamy, thick, and coats the lashes very well. I recommend using a light hand and gently combing from root to tip, separating your lashes as you move the wand across them. FYI, I opted for two coats, but one would have probably been sufficient. This stuff is no joke.

All in all, I'm a fan. I think this will be a product I reach for not on NMM days, but on evenings when I want to go all out and really make my eyes the focus of my face. It's the perfect complement to those ultra dramatic smoky eyes and/or wings that go on for days.

P.S. Some reviews I read mentioned flaking, but I didn't notice any more flaking with this product than I have with others. It does take some extra effort to wash off at the end of the day, as the color is very inky and thick.

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