A Celebrity Makeup Artist Helped Me Get Over My Fear of Contouring

Joey Maalouf, founder of ISH, can do whatever he wants to my face.
Publish date:
August 22, 2016
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I feel like I’m pretty good about trying new beauty looks–I’m not squeamish about trying a smoked-out cat-eye or blue lipstick, but I have one beauty weakness and it’s so ordinary that it’s really embarrassing.

I can’t contour for shit.

Every time I try, I’m reminded of playing softball in middle school, when it would get really windy and I’d end the game with a face full of that orange baseball dirt.

Luckily, there’s this huge brain trust of experts out there that can not only contour you but also teach you how to contour. (Spoiler: the key is starting in your hairline, and your contouring palette can probably smell your fears.)

I think Marci was tired of me asking her for makeup wipes every morning when I came in with a failed bronzer attempt, because when Joey Maalouf — makeup artist and founder of ISH and generally just The Best — came to the office, she basically frog-marched me into the chair with him.

Please enjoy me discovering my cheekbones!

  • Have you gotten the hang of contouring?
  • Which celebrity makeup artist would you let do anything to your face?
  • Have you tried anything from ISH yet?