Jessica Jones is Inspiring My Makeup (and My Inner Badass)

This look is all about smoky eyeliner and a subtle purple-toned lip.
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December 1, 2015
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Um, holy crap, guys. Have you watched the new Netflix series Jessica Jones yet? Because it’s amazing, and I need more people to chat with about how amazing it is. I can never seem to do anything but binge all of one show all at once, so I’ve watched all of it in a week, which is somewhat embarrassing, but having David Tennant there to watch helped.

The last show I was binging was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I love how both badass heroines kick ass while looking amazing at all times, but I especially love Jessica’s style. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’m not a '90s teen, so I don’t really want to emulate Buffy’s looks. But Jessica Jones really takes the cake.

Her style is definitely more grungy than mine, so I thought I would take her high-contrast look and lend it to something I would wear on a night out or to a holiday party.

For skin that is matte but not too matte I mixed together L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24H Foundation with Dr. Jart Waterfuse Beauty Balm. These base products are basically polar opposites—L’Oreal is super-matte and Dr. Jart is super-dewy. I added just enough of the BB to keep my skin from being too matte.

I love these two products together because the Dr. Jart BB sheers out the L’Oreal foundation while still giving enough coverage, and the L’Oreal foundation makes the Dr. Jart BB last much longer.

It looks like Jessica wears diddly squat for blush, so to make up for it I decided to do a heavier contour than usual. This way, my face still had some shape and dimension without looking too flat from the foundation. I used the NYX Powder Blush in Taupe under my cheekbones, around my hairline, and under my

This look is all about the smoky liner. I first lined my top and bottom waterline with the Stila Smudge Stick in Damsel because the dark brown color is less harsh-looking than straight black on my eyes.

For eyeshadow, I only used two colors, both from the Stila's Eyes Are the Window Palette in Soul, the shades Light (a matte shade just lighter than my skin tone), and Essence (a matte black).

First, I did a wash of Light all over the lid and inner corner. This keeps my oily lids in check and helps set a base to blend out the black shadow more easily. I then added a thin line of Essence to the top and bottom lash line, stopping a quarter of the way away from my inner corner. All you need to do is blend the bejesus out of it to create the smoky haze.

If you go a bit overboard, you can lift off some of the shadow with a cotton bud, or apply more of the shadow in the shade close to your skin tone to even things out. I just topped of the eyes with a good curl and a whole lotta mascara.

Jessica always wears a gorgeous purple-toned lip, I’m assuming as an homage to the comic book, which depicts her character as having purple hair and the main villain with purple skin. My favorite purple but not too purple lipstick is MAC Plumful. I applied and then blotted it to take down the shine.

What makeup do you wear on a night out?

Have you watched Jessica Jones?

Netflix has been killing it with their original series, which is your favorite?