I Love the Versatility of This New "Anti-Aging" Eyeshadow Palette

Even if you don't care — or don't believe — that it has anti-aging properties, I think you'll love the looks you can create.
Publish date:
August 5, 2016
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I was recently introduced to It Cosmetics, an innovative cosmetic brand that's brought me such staples as Bye Bye Redness Concealer and Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer. I've also found myself toting around their compact Naturally Pretty Essentials eyeshadow palette.

After making such a good impression, I was obviously pretty stoked when I heard they were adding a large, super versatile eyeshadow palette to their line. SuperHero Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette is available at Ulta, costs $42, and contains 12 nicely varying shades.

If you're wondering where the anti-aging claim comes in, direct your attention to the three colors at the top of the palette. Those are all "eye foundations," meant to be applied on the lid as a color-correcting priming powder. I do find that it creates a nice, silky base. I also use the two colors on the left to blend a lot, as they're matte and happen to be similar to my skin tone.

The remaining nine colors are grouped together in threes. The furthest left is dubbed "nudes," perfect for a low-key daytime look. The middle is "neutrals," which is also nice for daytime, but obviously a little more playful. The furthest right is a group of "liners," but they also double as eyeshadow if you're craving a smoky eye.

To demonstrate the versatility of the palette and show you how the colors wear, I've put together three different looks.

Daytime Cat Eye

For this look, I used the "nudes" grouping on the furthest left of the palette. After applying the priming powder, I applied Powerful, the lightest shade, across my lid. I used a mixture of Aura and Limitless to define my crease and smoked out a bit of Aura on my lower lash line, as well. I followed up with a tiny cat eye flick.

Anytime Neutral Smoky Eye

After applying the priming powder, I applied a swash of Unstoppable (the gold) across my entire lid. Next, I came in with Fearless (red copper) on the center of my lid and toward the outer corners. Finally, I added Superstar beyond my eyes in a V-shape. I used a brown eyeliner and smoked it out with a mixture of Fearless and Superstar. I also applied Unstoppable in the inner corners.

I want to take a moment to note my biggest gripe with this palette, which is that it has a lot of fallout. The colors are gorgeous and silky, but it takes time to build up pigmentation and in that process, you do get eyeshadow dust on your face. To combat this, I waited to do the rest of my makeup and then did a little cleanup before moving on to foundation.

Nighttime Smoky Eye

I felt like I was kind of breaking the rules here by wearing the "liners" colors as eyeshadow, but I wanted to see if it worked. Every large palette needs to provide the ability to create a smoky eye, and I'm glad to report that SuperHero delivers.

For this look, i applied the priming powder and then applied a mixture of limitless and Auro across my entire lid. From there, I combined Bold and Superhero (the blue and black) and started building up color along my crease and outer corners. I went back in with Magical, the top color on the furthest right, on the center of my lid to create some more dimension. Finally, I applied black eyeliner to my upper and lower lash line and then generously smoked it out with a mixture of Bold and Superhero.

Personally, I love the effect of all three looks. I think I'm most likely to wear the second one on any given day, though I'm partial to the cat eye, as well. Which is your favorite look? Do you think the liners work in the creation of a smoky eye?