I Wonder If I Can Fit 5 Days' Worth of Products in This Pouch, Plus COTW!

But first, I have to remove the eyeshadow palette that came in it.
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July 23, 2016
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I'm one of those weirdos who loves to pack. Furthermore, I love talking about packing — especially when it comes to beauty products. I'm going to be hanging out in Brooklyn for a few days this week and this huge makeup bag from IT Cosmetics just happened to show up on my doorstep just in time!

I know not everyone feels this way, but I love New York in the summer. That said, I'm not going to bother with a ton of makeup that's just going to melt off every day, so I'm going to try to keep things simple.

I'd like to be able to fit all of my products for five days in this bag. That said, I have to admit that I only feel confident about my makeup products fitting in. My skincare products are definitely going to need their own bag. It's not cheating — it's practical!

Oh, and this makeup bag did come with an actual makeup product: IT Cosmetics' new Superhero Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette. It contains a few really pretty eye shadow shades that I don't already own; plus I've liked everything from IT Cosmetics that I've tried so far, so I'm excited to experiment with this palette when I have the time.

Maybe I'll do an in-depth review of the Superhero palette once I've had the chance to play with it, if anyone's interested!

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. Here's a handy reminder from "Lynn" to help us all survive summer:

Remember that SPF only measures protection from UVB and /not/ UVA rays! That's why personally I gravitate to sunscreens with the additional P++++ etc; ratings.

2. I do the same thing as "Sam" when I'm putting makeup on in a rush:

I always put on more makeup than I intend to when I'm in a rush. If I try to skip eyeshadow, I remember that I have oily lids and need to put on primer anyway to stop that. So then I'm like, ok I just need a little eyeshadow to set the primer. Then I mess something up and have to put on more to cover that. Or it's not quite the right shade of 'I'm not wearing eyeshadow' so then it's like well I might as well add a transition color. Suddenly I have three or four eyeshadows, increasingly lopsided wings, mascara, brows, blush, highlight etc. etc into eternity.

3. I totally agree with "Nora's" cream blush method:

Honestly, I use Revlon's Balm Stain in Honey as my blush. It's phenomenal, gives the perfect pinky-lavender flush to my cheeks, and stays for quite a while. And it lasts forever.

4. I loved this highlighter tip from "Peachy."

Tip if you're like me and want what the Glossier highlighter offers (non-glitter, stick form) but don't do well with coconut oil and/or don't want to pay that much for it -- you can get a very similar effect using a clear or VERY lightly-tinted lip balm! If I don't want to go with a more flashy (lol) highlight, I use my chapstick du jour (always something cheap, currently Nivea Kiss of Color in sheer pink, which is functionally clear) to do a swipe on my upper cheekbones, tip of nose, cupid's bow, upper forehead, etc. and blend with my fingers. It gives you a very fresh, lovely glow, it's cheap and easy, AND you usually get the added benefit of a little extra SPF!

5. "veronica-wasboyski" made me laugh with her reaction to the latest celebrity feud:

Getting real tired of publicity stunt "feuds" all over every social media outlet. Everyone is terrible and they all have more money than me.

  • Would you be able to pack all of your beauty products in one pouch for a five day trip, or do you need more space?
  • Who wants a review of the Superhero palette?
  • What is your favorite thing to do in New York (Brooklyn and/or Manhattan)? I've been there lots of time, but this will be my longest trip there so I'm open to new ideas!