This Is the Brow Pencil That Finally Convinced Me I Need a Brow Pencil

I honestly don't know why I held out for so long.
Publish date:
June 14, 2016
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You're probably wondering how it's possible for a beauty writer to avoid using any brow products, particularly in the middle of this brow craze that shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Not to humble-brag or anything, but my brows are naturally fairly thick and dark, so I can usually get away with not doing much to them. In addition to that, most brow products on the market intimidate me a little bit. I'm not super-into the Instagram-brow trend, personally, so I'm afraid of using any brow product that makes it easy to overdo it.

Instead, I've been MacGyver-ing my brows — not exactly the smartest alternative, but it got the job done. I would just sweep my brows into submission with a clean mascara wand, and sometimes use an angled brush and some brown eye shadow to fill them in a little.

Then I got my hands on IT Cosmetics Brow Power and immediately knew I would never go back to my caveman beauty ways.

This product makes my brow routine so much simpler and easier, plus the end result looks 10 times better than my natural brows.

Here's what I'm working with:

Doing both brows takes me less than five minutes. First, I take the pencil side and gently fill in my brows with small strokes, focusing on patchy areas the most. I don't bother with trying to change the shape of my brows because that's way too much work for me.

Then, I take the wand side and brush the spoolie through my brow in an upwards direction. If I could change anything about Brow Power, it would be the addition of a clear gel to the spoolie side just to give my brows some added hold. That said, I like how stiff and dense this spoolie is, and it really does whip my brows into shape.

Here's how the finished result looks:

Not bad, right?

I've been using Brow Power every day since I got it, even if I'm doing a really minimal makeup look of BB cream and mascara, because I feel like having my brows done makes such a big difference overall. I mean, they've been sort of "done" before, but never quite like this.

Another nice thing about this brow product is that it claims to be "universal." I was skeptical about that upon seeing how dark the pencil is, but apparently you can change the amount of pressure you apply to it to change the tint. That makes sense in theory, so I tested it out to see how many different shades I could get:

I think the answer is four different shades at the most. I usually apply enough pressure to get one of the middle shades, but if you want a really light or really dark shade, it's not hard to achieve that.

Finally, a note about the staying power. I hate to admit it, but sometimes when I wash my face before bed, I get lazy and just use micellar water or makeup-removing wipes — and I forget to do my brows. So that's how I know that this brow pencil will stay in place for more than 24 hours; because I've woken up the next morning, went about my day, started to put on makeup around 5 p.m. and then realized I didn't have to do my brows because they were already done yesterday and STILL going strong. I'm not proud of myself, but I am proud of Brow Power.

If you're also kind of laid-back when it comes to your brows and you just want something simple and easy to use for filling them in and tidying up any stray hairs, Brow Power will be perfect for you. It doesn't reinvent the wheel or anything (although it does contain anti-aging ingredients, which I guess my brows might appreciate one day?). Mostly, it's reliable, easy to use, and great for people who are new to brow products or who like a slightly more natural brow look.

  • Have you tried Brow Power? What did you think?
  • Do you have a favorite brow product? I'm also interested in hearing from people who do NOT own any brow products.