International Beauty Swap: Here's What Allison Sent from New Orleans To the Netherlands

I finally get to try ColourPop!
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March 29, 2016
colour pop, International Beauty Swap

For the last year or so, being in makeup communities has been really annoying for 90% of the Europeans. Ever since ColourPop entered the scene with their super-affordable, seemingly quality products, I've been annoyed by their international shipping policy.

With this in mind, I approached some xoWriters to see if anyone was up for a makeup swap, so we'd send each other products (and just maybe someone was willing to send me some ColourPop things). Turns out that Allison was totally down, and she offered to send me some ColourPop items.

What I got:

Super Shock Cheek in Lunch Money

I was really excited to try this Super Shock Cheek because the formula seems really unique to me. It's a creme formula, but it has a really bouncy feel. It's super-cool.

ColourPop recommends applying it with your fingers, and I'm always down for that. It's just a fun product to apply because it feels so nice on your fingers. I like how buildable this highlight is, you can go super easy on it, but it's also easy to intensify it a little more. That makes it a really versatile product, and if the #highlightonfleek trend ever leaves us, you can still use this product.

In the picture below, I'm wearing it on my nose, cupids bow, inner corner of the eyes and on the highest points of my cheeks. I think the warm gold tones are very flattering on my skin tone, so kudos to Allison for picking it. I was also really surprised by how long it stayed on for; usually, creme formulas tend to slip more, but I got a solid eight hours of wear on this thing.

Ultra Matte Lip in Stingraye

I asked Allison to get me this one because I've been a long time subscriber of Raye Boye, whom this lipstick was a collaboration with. Of course, Raye has been plugging her lipstick for a bit, but I just thought it was such a unique color. It's one of those colors that look different (but good) on everyone. ColourPop describes it as a "cool toned mauve brown," but on me it looks quite warm (see above). I'm definitely not complaining because I think the color is fantastic.

The formula on this lipstick is super-smooth, and you can hardly even notice that you're wearing lipstick at all. The best thing about the lipstick is that it just does not budge! It doesn't flake either, and it even stays on during pizza dinners. I haven't tried that many liquid lipsticks yet, but this one is by far the best one I've tried!

Ultra Matte Lip in Kae

Kae is one of the lipsticks in the KaePop collection, a collaboration with model Karrueche Tran. I follow Karrueche on Instagram, and she posted a lot about her collection, and everything looked super-nice.

I asked Allison to get me the color Kae because I thought the color was really unique. The lipstick is described as a "deep warm yellow brown." I love this color. The lipstick lasts through a good amount of food and drinks. Compared to Stingraye, this one is a little more drying, but that might just be because Stingraye has been handcrafted by angels.

Crème Gel Liner in Get Paid

I told Allison she could pick whatever she liked but that I mostly lean towards warmer colors. She picked this Gel Liner in a beautiful rose gold shade, and I couldn't be happier that she did. The formula is super-creamy and easy to blend. It also stays on really well.

For this look I just applied it around my eye and smudged it out. I'm also wearing Lunch Money as my inner corner highlight.

Now I finally get what all the ColourPop fuss is about! I would probably go broke if I had easy access to their products because I'm a responsible adult like that.

  • Are there any brands that you can't get where you live?
  • Does it make you scream from time to time?
  • Hey ColourPop, if you're reading this, hit me up with that European shipping.