International Beauty Swap: Here’s What Maricar Sent from New Jersey to Ireland

Opening this package was a lot less stressful than shopping in an NYC Sephora.

My fascination with international beauty products is well-documented here on xoVain. So when Maricar and I decided to do our own swap, I was a bit overwhelmed trying to think of what to request. It was only slightly less stressful than the first time I visited Sephora in New York earlier this year; there was so much to choose from that I left with two hands covered in swatches but no actual products to show for it. I should have gone in with a list and possibly a few snacks to keep me sustained. I’ll crack you next time, Sephora.

Needless to say, the day Maricar’s parcel arrived, my anxiety went out the window and was replaced by full-blown excitement. My girl seriously spoiled me with this lot. Here’s what she sent me!

CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara

I’ve had a long-distance crush on this mascara ever since Wendy included it in her list of products she always restocks. I’m fussy about mascara: I wear contacts, so my eyes can be sensitive. I don’t like formulas that are too wet or too dry. I like to layer on mascara for a full, fluttery look without my lashes getting spidery.

Wendy is right: Clump Crusher is the cat’s pyjamas! I fell in love immediately with the length and volume it gave. This mascara doesn’t clump, flake off, or run. The brush is perfectly sized for my little eyes. I will probably apply for a US visa just so I can buy this mascara again.

Blushes and highlighters

Maricar really hooked me up in the blush department, sending me three beautiful options. She has an incredible eye because all three of them suit me down to the ground.

First up, The Face Shop Lovely Me:EX Pastel Cushion Blusher in Coral Cushion. Aside from having the longest and silliest name of all time, I really like this blush. I don’t often wear coral, so I’m pleased to add this to my kit. The little powder puff is adorable and applies the blush very lightly; for more intensity I would use a brush.

Next I tried the Etude House Cupcake Colour in Blueberry, which is a super-pale, nearly lilac pink. The little cake-shaped tin is so cute and very practical for throwing in your bag; plus, the product smells delicious. It’s a really unusual colour, but I’ve been wearing it a lot, especially paired with a red lip.

Finally, my favourite blush of the three. This Milani Rose Powder Blush in Romantic Rose is gorgeously presented with an amazing colour payoff. The powder is so fine that it applies like a dream and can be built up to the strong flush I like. I hope I never run out of this baby!

How did Maricar know that I needed a powder highlighting palette in my life? Because she sent me the perfect one for me. Each shade in this Wet n Wild palette is really nice, especially the pink ones, but mixed together they’re real nice too. Again, I’ve been wearing this one a lot!

Colourpop Crème Gel Liners

I had to ask for some Colourpop – I was so jealous of Maura! I chose two gel liners: Best O, a deep burgundy, and Kicker, a chrome silver. I am so impressed with both of them! Best O makes for a subtle change from my usual black or grey cat-eyes. I think the reddish colour really compliments my eyes.

Kristen Stewart, my problematic fave, wore a really cool blocky silver eye at Cannes, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I was right to hope that Kicker would achieve the result I wanted: look at that colour!

Lip Colors

My love of red lipstick is known far and wide, so when I saw this Face Shop Over Girl lip crayon I wasn’t sure if it would have anything new to offer me. I was wrong! Firstly it’s really well designed to give you a crisp edge straight out of the bullet.

I love the true red shade and the formula, which is moisturising and long-wearing. I wore this to go and see a house that I was looking to rent, and let me tell you, that landlady was my biggest fan. I’m chalking that up to the lipstick.

Finally, Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira. This shade truly lives up to its name, and I love it. I don’t own many liquid lipsticks and I find even the best formulas high-maintenance, so I will be saving this for special occasions (when I’m not eating). There’s no denying it is an incredible color though!

So there you have it! I haven’t tried the masks yet because I want to save them for when they’re really needed. But Maricar’s lovely parcel made me a very happy bunny indeed. Thanks girl!

  • Have you tried the Colourpop Gel Crème Liners?
  • Have you ever done an international beauty swap?
  • Did you have a pen pal when you were a kid? Doing this swap reminded me of my childhood pen pal Maddy. Hi Maddy!