International Beauty Swap: Here's What Tamara Sent from Kansas to New Zealand

Tamara read my mind and sent me my new favorite eyeshadow combo!
Publish date:
April 19, 2016
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What's better than buying yourself makeup? Surprise makeup, bought for you by someone else, of course! When Maura suggested an xoVain beauty swap, I was on board immediately.

I took a boring route and asked Tamara to send me practical items. While bright colors are fun, I wanted to make sure she wasn't wasting her money sending me anything I wouldn't like. Of course, she delivered fantastically: I love everything she sent me, and I have discovered my new favorite eye makeup combo from what she sent.

Like the other international writers participating in xoVain's swap, I asked my buddy Tamara to send me Colour Pop products. Colour Pop does actually ship to New Zealand — they made it happen after NZ-based YouTuber Shaaanxo did a collaboration with them. But when a four-item order costs more to ship than it does for the products, I'm not likely to be ordering from them direct any time soon.

First up, I got the Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow in KathleenLights. I've been kinda desperate to just touch a Colour Pop shadow in real life ever since every YouTuber I'm subscribed to squealed over their texture. And the texture is damn fun! Is it a cream? Is it a powder? I don't know, but it's fun! I made my boyfriend squish it, and he made suitably interested noises, and I don't think his enthusiasm was forced.

The color is a great golden bronze shade, and we know how I feel about bronze. It's good to wear on its own, but it also works well with a host of other eyeshadows, including the others Tamara sent me.

I've been loving loose pigments lately, despite their potential for mess, and the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigment in Sky Pink is a great shade I'll get heaps of use out of.

In these photos, I used it as a loose highlight, which I think I went a bit overboard with — it didn't show up as much in my mirror as it does in the photos. Highlighting's trendy though, right? And it looks great paired with the Colour Pop matte blush in Between the Sheets.

Tamara continued to show how much she gets me by sending me Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans in Cocoa Bear and Shimma Shimma two shades I actually already had in my collection. Rather than a disappointment, this was actually great in two ways, because it reminded me how good they are, as well as giving me backups to keep in my professional kit.

Cocoa Bear is a very warm matte brown shade, perfect for deepening the crease and blending along the lash-line. Shimma Shimma is a pinky-champagne shimmer, great as a center-of-the-lid and inner corner highlight. So practical!

Back to ColourPop! This time, their Lippie Stix in Lumiere and Bichette. Tamara describes Lumiere as an affordable alternative to NARS's Audacious Lipstick in Anna, and the slightly cooler tones actually make it suit me better than Anna does. It's the perfect on-trend shade for the moment, too, which is what Colour Pop gets really, really right.

The Bichette Lippie Stix (Lippie Stick? What is the singular version of Stix?) is a true blue-red, a color I don't wear very often but which is essential to every makeup collection. Both of these have a very smooth and creamy formula, and I'm digging the narrow format, which makes it easy to sweep these on with a crisp edge.

Tamara sent me her favorite lashes, the Ardell Accent Lashes. I'm saving these for a time when I go out, because I'm not very good at putting lashes on myself. She also sent me a rosehip oil, which is funny because I sent her a rosehip oil, too — and neither of us like rosehip oil all that much.

Here's some gif swatch action!

I'm so impressed by how well Tamara read my mind!

  • Now I'm hooked on ColourPop, what are your favorite products from them?
  • If you got to send products from your country to a friend abroad, what would you choose?