Melty Eyeliner And Bright Pink Lips: A Look That Gets Sexier As The Night Goes On

You want to choose a liner that doesn’t stay put. Basically, the complete opposite of what everyone has been telling you.
Publish date:
March 26, 2014
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I have been using a flat angled brush and a gel liner to create the perfect cat eye for a while now. I take my time to strategically dip
my brush into the pot of gel, get the product onto the brush evenly and
synchronize my breathing to my brush strokes to create the most beautiful and
straight lines.

I am a master of the look, but recently, I have been really
into messier beauty--one thing in particular, which is something that everyone tends to avoid: eyeliner that melts and creases on the lids.

The benefits of this look are that you spend less time doing your makeup, and you only need to carry two products all night: eyeliner
pencil and a lipstick. It also looks incredibly chic if you pair it with the right
hair and outfit.

I took this look out last Friday night. I kept the pencil in my pocket, and I wore an Alex Wang
crop top, vintage Levi's jeans and Rag and Bone Sandra boots. I ended up dancing all night and didn’t get
home until 7 a.m. By the time the sun rose, the liner had been reapplied
only once and had melted perfectly.

You want to choose a liner that doesn’t stay put--one that melts onto the lids. Basically, the complete opposite of what everyone has been telling you. I chose to use my favorite drugstore liner, NYX Slim Eye
Pencil in black.

I took my liner and lined only my outer lash line.
Then I created a quick, smudgy cat eye and blended it all over my lid with my
ring finger. I repeated the smudging of the liner twice to spread the
product on my lids and to create a very subtle shadow.

I then sharpened the
liner once more and created a really simple, small cateye only on the outer
edges of the eye. I kept the “point” of the cateye sharp and the rest very
relaxed and smudgy.

On the lips, I used Kevyn Aucoin The Elegant Lip Gloss in
Claudine underneath a Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick in 1st Night.

The shade of this lipstick is in between a peach and a hot pink. It goes on a really bright, feminine pink and very matte on my
lips, which tend to always be dry, so adding a gloss underneath lets the
lipstick go on smooth and creamy.

The magic happens once you’re done doing your lips. The
time it takes for the liner melting process to start has passed, and you can see what
your makeup is going to look like for most of the night. Although, I think it looks better once its really melted and creased--about 2 hours in.

I touched up about 8 hours later and laid it on thick the second time around. I wanted a more dramatic effect for the nighttime.