I'm Withering Away Like Hot Trollop With Consumption

Get the look for yourself with a little selfie action!
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October 17, 2013
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Shout-out to Chrystani, the lovely reader who gave me my most favorite words ever: "Hot Trollop With Consumption." Every time I create a makeup look that's creepily pretty, like really sunken pink eyes and pouty lips, I refer to it as thus.

Today I'm wearing L'Oreal's HiP Studio Secrets Bright Shadow in "Cheeky." One half of the compact is a really pretty, almost orangeish pink and the other is a rich, deep brownish maroon. I love shades of red and pink for the eyes, they're kind of off-putting and maybe that means nobody will eff with me today, because I HATE BEING EFFED WITH. (Oh, and I also think that L'Oreal's HiP line really does have great pigments.)

I'm not going to get too wah-wah-wah-y up in here, but I will say that I have resorted to drinking a lot.

No I haven't, but I did need a stiff drink before heading to an "industry event" last night looking like a twelve year old in a club-like room full of hot PREGNANT LADIES in bodycon dresses and 8'' heels. Apparently that's what these people wear to work.

Olivia and I sat in the corner on some plush nubs masquerading as stools, trying to hold out to see if the event coordinators were giving away free stuff. (They weren't, we left.) I should add that she looked like a Hobbit. I hope I'm not embarrassing her when I say that the lady at the deli asked if she was on her way to a Halloween party because Olivia was wearing a grey FELT HOODED CAPE with huge wooden buttons. LOL.

Anyway, guess where I am in that first photo, selfie, and I'm gonna give you some of that HiP eyeshadow! Not even the one I used! A clean, sealed compact, I promise. Puhleeeees be over 18 and in the United States of America.

Here's a hint as to my whereabouts. And a great song to add to your Halloween playlist!