This Dewy Primer May "MAKE" Me Change My Matte Ways

I eased into it by wearing it under my favorite matte foundation.
Publish date:
September 7, 2015
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I usually fight against my oily skin using matte face products to keep my oil in check. After reading Maricar’s recent article about embracing her oily skin, I started to play around with looks that leaned on the dewy/luminous side.

Since I’m easing into this, I thought stepping up my primer/highlighter game a bit would be a good start.

MAKE Skin Illuminating Primer caught my attention because of its color, honestly. In the package it looks greenish-blue with a hint of purple. Once dispensed, you can see that it has an iridescence to it, so I was nervous I’d look like I got in fight with a pixie and lost.

Once smoothed out, however, there’s really just a bit of a sheen left behind. Initially, I didn't think it made a huge difference in the appearance of my skin by itself; it just added a bit more glow.

Once I added my normal (matte) foundation over it though, I really thought the combo made for a nice look!

As far as wear goes, I did have to blot about midday and early evening through the T-zone, but otherwise, my foundation stayed intact all day and actually looked pretty good by the time I got home to wash my face.

I also tried MAKE Skin Illuminator in the shade Skir along the tops of my cheekbones. This is a white, shimmery highlight (not something I usually reach for) but it did blend well into the skin, and the effect was a very nice lit-from-within glow.

While I liked Skin Illuminator, it is $34 (same as the primer), and I feel like I'm equally as pleased with it as I am with my cheap-o highlighters from NYX and Milani. It’s nice, though, if you feel like treating yourself, and they do have other shades available.

Overall I’m excited to experiment with illuminating products and I think foundations/tinted moisturizers will be next on my list!

  • What are your favorite products for a dewy finish?
  • Anyone else try these products from MAKE?