If I Can't Be Liv Tyler, At Least I Can Steal Her Eyeliner

Turns out her electric blue cat-eye looks good on mere mortals, too.
Publish date:
July 21, 2014
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I'm jealous of Liv Tyler for a lot of reasons. She's stunningly beautiful. Her mom is mega-babe Bebe Buell. And she dated the love of my life, Joaquin Phoenix, for years. Some girls have all the luck.

So when I was scrolling through my Instagram and saw Liv pop up on the Violet Grey feed, I kind of swooned. She was looking as gorgeous as ever, but she was also wearing a strong and very graphic cat-eye, not in traditional black, but in a very chic marine blue.

The makeup artist who created the look, Genevieve Herr, did a tutorial for the Violet Grey blog. Reading it, I realized I could re-create the look using products I already had at home.

I started by applying SENNA Totally Transforming Eye Shadow Primer to my lids. This will help keep the liner bright and in place.

Then I sharpened my Sephora Collection Nano Eyeliner in Azur Blue and got to sketching the basic shape. I lined my upper lash line from the inner corners out, creating a wing at the outer edges. I didn't worry so much about being precise in this step.

To create a sharper outline, I picked up Eyeko Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner in Marine, a rich, deep blue, and used the ultra-fine tip to give a clean, pointed edge to the wing and darken up my lash line.

Obviously the look wasn't finished, so I went back in with my eyeliner pencil and smudged any of the obvious lines and smoothed more color onto the lid. I tidied any errant color with a makeup remover-soaked Q-tip. Then I applied two coats of mascara and called it a day.

The look is a nice departure from my typical neutral cat-eye, and the blue makes enough of a statement that you can leave the rest of your face pretty bare and still look done.

I know I can't be Liv Tyler, but I can be her eyeliner twin, and that's what really counts, right?

Which celebrity or beauty icon do you want to be makeup twins with? Are you watching Liv in HBO's new show, The Leftovers?