The Hard-To-Find Highlighter That's So Worth The Search

It could be because I'm a sucker for cute names, or because it cost only $7, but this little illuminating powder is THE BEST.
Publish date:
January 17, 2014
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Asian cosmetics just get me. I mean, 95% of it is probably because I'm Asian and they know their target demographic very, very well. The other part I can attribute to growing up in North America, where foundation shopping was always hit or miss.

I'd always be recommended a healthy tan shade five times too orange for my skin because I wasn't white. The lightest shades, though closer, were sometimes still kind of off. But with the advent of Korean BB cream, these days, I'd be hard pressed to find one that didn't work with my skin tone.

So when I saw THEFACESHOP, a South Korean cosmetics store, open up a new shopfront at the Eaton Centre in Toronto, I may have done a little inward happy dance before poring over their adorable offerings of makeup and skincare.

I picked up a few things, which I'll mention later, but this piece is about the gem of a product I've been swooning over lately: I Make You Brighter highlighter No. 2 in Gold Glow.

Now, it could be because I'm a sucker for names, or because it only cost$7, but this little powder is the best.

I'd say it leans towards the white-gold side of gold, and all you need is a tiny little bit to brighten up the face in the most subtle of ways.


I know, I know. I'm not smiling in the Before shot, but don't you know that's how ALL beauty "befores" work?

The difference is subtle, but subtlety is key when it comes to highlighters. I still remain faithful to to Lancome Éclat Miracle, but for an easy, affordable powder substitute, this is a winner.

Have you guys tried anything from THEFACESHOP yet? What are your favourite products?