Follow Up: I Made It Through A Whole Week Without Makeup!

Can someone please explain how I got two zits while going makeup-free?
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April 30, 2013
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Save for the fact that I forgot to film Day 4, and Days 5 and 6 I spent at home like a hermit, my week without makeup went better than I expected!

I wasted no time in the morning fussing with my makeup, and I didn't have to complain that half my makeup melted in the heat and humidity before I even got to work because there wasn't any on my face.

I was told by a few people that I looked tired, and I blame the under-eye rings I've always had anyway. I stayed away from makeup completely save for the Total Eye Care eye cream from Dermalogica that I used on Day 2 when I barely got enough sleep.

While I highly recommend giving your skin a break once in a while, I can't wait to slather on some wicked face paint again.

Let me know how you did!