Am I The Only Person Who Hated Having Eyelash Extensions?

They looked amazing, but that wasn't reason enough to maintain them.
Publish date:
March 26, 2013
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Have you guys heard about this app called Mint? (No, this isn’t a sponsored post.) It’s super-handy for taking a comprehensive look at your personal finances, and it also has a cool feature where it tracks what percentage of your money you spend on particular categories, like food, medical, entertainment, etc. My fiancé recommended it to me earlier this year. (Real subtle, honey, thanks.)

Well, about a month and a half ago, the poor app practically self-destructed when I spent my tax refund on new eyelash extensions, which cost $400 (plus tip). Your beauty expenditure is too high, it tells me. No kidding.

My day job places me amongst a circle of women who--on top of hair coloring, waxing, manicures and pedicures--have gotten eyelash extensions. At first, it seemed excessive to me, but they look so amazing that, after seeing their lashes batting before me day in and day out, I decided to give them a try. Plus, I figured it would be a good way to test-drive them as an option for my upcoming wedding.

Fast-forward six weeks later. After deciding not to stick with them--mainly due to cost but also because they were extremely annoying--not only have the extensions fallen out, but my natural lashes have been RAVAGED!

They look so wimpy and pitiful that my future mother-in-law even donated a tube of her prized Revitalash to the cause.

Sometimes I miss them, though, so I figured it was time for a very objective weighing of the pros and cons.


  • They cut down on preparation time and makeup usage because you look amazing already
  • Everyone notices and compliments how great you look
  • If you have pretty good lashes to begin with, they will look quite natural
  • The application is quick (30-45 minutes) and painless
  • Did I mention you look amazing?!?


  • The application cost is quite high
  • You can’t get them wet for 48 hours after application, which translates to very awkward showers, face washing and makeout sessions
  • You have to use a special (read: expensive) mascara and oil-free makeup remover
  • They require touchups every couple of weeks at about $60 a pop
  • You have to sleep on your back or side so as not to mush the lashes out of shape
  • They’re so long that they actually brushed against the lenses of my glasses, and putting in contacts was also a pain
  • When they start to fall out, your eyes look wonky and unbalanced
  • Your natural lashes will be thinned and puny when you decide to stop getting touchups
  • My eyelash guy had really rank breath

Well, I guess the verdict is in--for me, at least. I might explore some more temporary options like lash growers or falsies the next time I get the urge, or perhaps for my wedding.

Have you ever tried eyelash extensions? Am I just a wimp for not putting up with them? Did I sway you one way or the other?