I Don't Know How To Look Psychedelic So I'll Just Be Hot Instead

I forgot to bring the three F's to this festival: fringe, feathers, and flower crowns.
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April 26, 2013
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Last night was the pre-party concert for Psych Fest. I had major anxiety in the car ride to the show, realizing I'm going to a freaking music festival and I'll be here for three days.

I hate music festivals. I hate the dependency on friends and friends of friends for rides. I hate making small talk with boring people with bad social skills, which is probably what I am--two of those together doesn't make for a cute Hostess-curly-frosting-cupcake duo. It makes for lots of shifty eyes like, "Where's somebody I actually know?"

This might be Bad Girlfriend 101, but I really hate when I finally see my dude after his set (I'm pretty good at understanding that he's working--it's not romantic date night for us), and before we can even make it to the bar he's stopped by, "Ohh hey man! Good show tonight!" Sometimes I wish he wasn't so distinct-looking; maybe we wouldn't get interrupted as much.

Then they wanna talk--talk about how they saw him play last year in Spain, or how they really need to know when the new record is coming out. It's great that people enjoy his music--I'm one of them. But: MANNERS YO! If you see a dude with his chick don't S his D right in front of her.

I'll stop bitching. Last night was cool, the music was excellent, and I stayed far enough out of the bouncy flailing-arm dance-type riffraff to enjoy the show, until I was elbowed by some rude trick who smushed her way past me to get closer to the stage. So I yanked her stupid hair! Not only because she stepped on my foot, but because I recognized her as my long-lost friend and Wet Mattress creator, Aly! She moved to San Fran, I moved to NYC, and I missed her! Girl fighting is NOT COOL, by the way. Hair pulls should immediately be followed by obnoxious hugging and beer-buying.

UFO Club ruled **duh**. Then I caught a little bit of the Allah Las, but I was in a brief and rare state of being good at socializing during their set, so I'll have to catch them at the actual festival this weekend. Then we made it over to see our friends, who also happen to be in the sickest band, The Cosmonauts. Definitely check out their stuff.

It was during their set that I started crashing. I was getting super claustrophobic; SCACS began to set in (Short Chick At Concert Syndrome). I woke up about an hour later in the front seat of the van, pleased as a peach to find all of my belongings in my lap where they belonged. Responsible adult stuff, you know.

Anyway, I'm not very good at dressing for this kind of thing. I think that the tie-dye and flowy dresses and fringe is all really pretty and great, but I'd feel like I'm wearing a bad Janis Joplin costume.

Instead, I wore this '90s slutty-young-second-wife cut-out shift dress that I "hemmed" with some dull scissors on a whim last night and now I'm kind of bummed.

The dress was simple, and if I've learned anything from women's magazines, it's that if one thing is simple, another thing can be... I dunno... less simple--right? That's, like, a thing? Whatever, I just wanted to wear glittery makeup, so here goes...

Wisdom: The key to enjoying hours and hours of music festival hang time is having good skin. For real! Makeup can complicate things, especially if you feel like you need to wear it and touch-up throughout the day to look good. That's a big reason why I did the juice cleanse before Psych. I don't plan on wearing a ton of makeup at the actual festival.

After moisturizing, I covered up any activity leftovers from before the cleanse with my favorite Kevyn Aucoin concealer. I used BECCA Cosmetics Bronzing Skin Perfector, a creamy lotion, around the edges of my face to "warm it up" and give dimension. Just blend with your fingers. I also smoothed some under my cheeks to give a little cheek bone action.

I lightly dabbed my favorite "blush"--Esteé Lauder Double Wear Lipstick in Stay Mauve--on my cheeks and blended with my fingers. Then I smoothed some Lush Feeling Younger highlighting cream on the tops of my cheekbones. It's my newsletter product pick of the week if you do that. I really like it.

For the eyes, I dabbed another favorite product (this article is chock-full like whoa!), Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadow in Fantasme. It's like a sponge-y cream that's PACKED with teeny but multi-dimensional specs of glitter. It's a great eyeshadow to build layers with, it can go on really sheer but can build up to a beautiful super-glitter metallic.

Then I used a small angle brush to draw out a horizontal cat eye, connecting my top and bottom lash lines out to the point. I painted in half of my waterline as well. Esteé makes my favorite eyeliner: Double Wear Stay-in-Place Gel in Stay Onyx--"black" for you common folk.

I finished with Le Métier De Beauté brownish black mascara on my eyebrows (I like to let the product get a little old and dry out so that it brushes on lighter and drier), and some Le Volume De Chanel mascara just on my outer top lashes. This is the BEST mascara for that--it makes you look really doe-eyed.

Revlon créme lipstick in Va Va Violet is my favorite purple lipstick. I dab it on pretty well--not full-coverage, but dark enough to have grape-stained lips--and then press off most of the creaminess with a tissue. You're left with wine-stained lips that are still moisturized. It's weird makeup trickery that doesn't make sense but I do anyway.

I'm sure I'll be annoying the hell out of my Instagram friends if you're interested in keeping up with my Psych adventure this weekend... @annieokay. Maybe I should do a music recap post for xoJane next week?

Are any xoVain readers at Psych? I want to meet people IRL!