I Broke My 'No Drugstore Makeup' Rule And I'm Actually Glad I Did

The 2 Neutrogena products that are calling me over to the dark side.
Publish date:
April 18, 2013
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I'm an only child, and I'm used to getting what I want.

Everything I did, be it creative, sports or even lying around and doing nothing, was pure gold to my parents. I'm their pretty little miracle. I'm used to saying whatever I want for the hell of it just to see what people's reactions will be.

So remember that one article where I said I don't wear drugstore makeup ever and a few of you... reacted? Well, you weren't the only ones. One of my girlfriends who works for a certain drugstore brand saw it, called me "stupid" and immediately sent over a box full of Neutrogena products for me to try out and eat my words.

And did I. She sent me some amazing stuff, yo.

Let me begin first with my new favorite mascara, Neutrogena Healthy Lengths. I didn't immediately see a difference, but as I added more coats, I noticed something amazing: Absolutely. No. Clumps.

It goes on so smoothly and becomes fuller, adding noticeable length to your lashes with the more coats you apply. I think it makes an excellent mascara for daytime as it's subtle but makes your lash volume look totally natural. I'm not saying I'm ready to toss my Dior mascara just yet, but I'm more than happy to add this little gem into rotation.

The next product I'm defintely adding to my makeup bag is Neutrogena's Moisture Smooth Color Stick. They look like crayons and I kind off feel like a little kid while using them, but that's part of the charm. It definitely brought me back to elementary school when I used to buy my makeup at Toys 'R' Us. Those were the days!

Anyway, what really stood out to me about about these sticks was that they really pack a lot of moisture. I have full lips that dry out quickly, so I appreciate any lipstick, balm or gloss that keep my lips looking sexy instead of chapped.

After I applied, my lips felt taken care of for hours. No more chapped lips. Yes!

The colors were are so subtle that you can apply them anywhere without needing a mirror. (Sometimes I don't have time to primp in front of a mirror.) The color also stays on and doesn't bleed, so less reapplication. I appreciate not having to worry if my color has found it's way down the bottom of my lip and onto my chin.

I already threw their Juicy Peach shade into my purse with my very small group of select everyday lipsticks.

It felt really great to have a positive drugstore makeup experience! OK guys, what should I try next?