Pulling Off Navy Blue Lipstick is Easier Than You Think

It's definitely bold, but it can look surprisingly casual depending on how you do they rest of your makeup.
Publish date:
September 23, 2015
lipstick, dark lipstick

Navy blue lipstick is such a strong statement, but it can be really daunting to wear. Bolder than oxblood or eggplant, it’s a dark and vampy colour with a twist.

I came up with a look that hopefully inspires you to try out this intimidating shade. It’s very minimal and meant to look quite effortless and undone. Although the lipstick is such an out-there statement, I find it really wearable. Just channel some inner bad-ass and you’ll pull it off!

For this look, I started out with very light coverage on my face. I find that having a barely-there and natural-looking base makes wearing bold lipstick a lot more casual. I didn’t use and foundation; instead, I just spot-concealed.

I smudged some black kohl liner on my lash line to define my eyes and then also added highlighter to the inner corners and brow bone. I also did my contouring and highlighting with a heavier hand than usual so I didn’t end up looking too pale, and to create a dewy feel. We’re aiming for angelic and glowy looking skin, not washed-out-ghost-girl-that-haunts-a-mansion skin.

Make sure your lips are exfoliated and silky-smooth, and put some lip balm on them so they're well-moisturised when it’s time for lipstick. This lipstick shade is very unforgiving and will look super-patchy and unappealing on chapped lips.

Also note that I didn’t do anything to my brows. “What! But why?!” you ask. Well, lately, I’ve actually just been leaving my brows alone. I like the minimal look it creates, and I was getting sick of having thicker, dramatic brows. And I ran out of eyebrow pencil.

The key to applying the lipstick is PATIENCE. This is very important! It’ll stop you from messing up and getting frustrated, wondering why this is even worth it. But push through! It will be!

A good tip is to keep smacking your lips together and giving them a good rub as you go. If you mess up, fix it up with a cotton tip and concealer. I find it easier to fill in the lip first and then figure out the shape last.

The lipstick I’m using is from a clothing store here in Australia called Sportsgirl, in the shade Knight. All of their makeup is cruelty free and very affordable! Great alternatives include Illamasqua Lipstick in Disciple and Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Echo.

I also wanted to see what it’d be like if I made my brows less noticeable. Behold, an alien witch!

If you wanna jazz up your eyes a bit you, could also do a soft smoky eye. I did it with a medium-brown cream eyeshadow and black eyeliner. It adds a bit of depth to the look and further defines the eyes. I didn’t do much with my lashes as I didn’t want the eyes to compete with my lips.

A great benefit of this colour is that it makes my teeth look really white because it’s blue-toned.

I love this colour, and I love wearing it with natural, messy hair and a feminine dress or an all-black outfit. It’s really not that daunting to wear once you get used to it and feel confident with it!

What bold color have you been wanting to try? Do you own a navy lipstick? Can you recommend any others?