I Wear Makeup to Go Camping—Here's My Routine

Plus other tips on looking and feeling good when you're spending a few days outdoors.

There’s nothing like going on big walks in the bush and sleeping under the stars!

Last weekend, I went on a camping trip with a group of friends and we had a great time. Although we had toilets at the site, there wasn’t an opportunity for a shower. We were only staying for a couple of nights, but I still want stay feeling and looking fresh, you know?

Obviously, wearing makeup while doing outdoorsy things isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re into it, here’s a very minimal look.

I started out with sunscreen and moisturiser. While doing anything outdoors, even if you’re not camping or wearing makeup, please wear sunscreen. It prevents skin cancer and puts off wrinkles, sun spots and general ageing of your skin—you know this. I would also recommend bringing a small travel-size tube of moisturiser as well to keep your skin hydrated.

After prepping my skin, I used my fingers to blend a CC cream onto my face. I would stay away from any heavy foundations—or just foundations in general—and choose a BB cream, CC cream or tinted moisturiser instead. These are lighter and a lot lower-maintenance. They can also be easy applied and don’t really need to be set with a powder.

However, if you feel you really need to set it with a powder, I’d recommend a setting spray instead. These feel a lot lighter on my skin, and my NYX setting spray does the job.

If I could only live with three beauty items for the rest of my life, eyebrow pencil would be one of them. My makeup doesn’t feel complete until I’ve done my brows. I lightly filled in my brows for subtle definition.

I’m not really a fan of wearing mascara because I find it a pain to wash off, so I curled my eyelashes to subtly open up my eyes and skipped mascara. If you absolutely can’t live without mascaras, tubing mascaras like the ones Kelly recommended are a convenient option that'll stay put outdoors.

To add a little bit of glow to my cheeks, I blended in some cream blush. I used the e.l.f. Essential All Over Color Stick. This is probably the least necessary of all the steps, but it really adds a nice flush of colour to my face and doesn’t take long to put on.

I finished off my makeup by putting on some lip balm. I love The Body Shop’s Hemp Lip Conditioner.

Definitely bring along makeup wipes; they're a very convenient way to wash off your makeup and clean your face. Face towels are also great for sponge baths if you feel too sweaty or grimy.

A few hair tips!

I really recommend taking dry shampoo. I hate having greasy-feeling hair, and dry shampoo is such an easy and quick way to eliminate that. Knowing that there wouldn’t be any showers, I washed my hair the night before we left, and put it in to braids while it was still a little damp. You could wear it in braids for a whole day as well, or you could take it out of the braids in the morning to reveal soft waves. Practicality was my number one priority, so I just took two hair ties with me and did messy buns, ponytails or plaits throughout the trip, and I loved how my hair looked after the braids (see above).

And finally, don’t forget to drink lots of water! Stay hydrated, wear a hat, keep warm if you’re camping in cold weather, of course, and have lots of fun. Camping is such a great way to gain appreciation for nature and the environment around us, and wearing a little makeup and dry shampoo isn't going to change that.

  • Do you ever go camping?
  • Have you brought makeup along in the great outdoors? Which products?