How To Wear Lavender Lipstick Without Looking Like You Died Of Hypothermia

It's all about what you put on the rest of your face.

I know everyone has mixed feelings about Lime
due to repackaging scandals and
but as you can probably guess I have minimal resistance to all that is
glittery, pastel and unicorn'd, and so I've converted to the dark side: I love
Lime Crime. The magically themed products just speak to me. Deal with it.

For the past few weeks, I've been trolling the Lime Crime site
waiting for some of their most intriguing products to become available again.
Though I wasn't able to get my hands on a tube of Red Velvet (yet), I snapped
up some D'lilac lipstick the moment it was back in stock. I’d been waiting for
the perfect light purple product to add to my ever-growing cosmetics collection
ever since Mari’s light-purple post,
and this was it.

I waited impatiently, running out to check the mail immediately
after it was delivered on the daily, until finally the box arrived.

Even just
opening the box was fun! The inside is all hot pink and unicorn-laden, and
you even get a little watermelon pin with your order! Also, the receipt was
printed on purple paper. Just saying.

Onto the actual lipstick part.

I was pretty skeptical
of how this would look on my lips. The online photos suggested some pretty
great, thick colour coverage, but I was really unsure. Was I going to look dead?
Was the colour going to prove more sheer, leaving me with weird purple-lined lips?

I had picked the pastel lilac over a mint or dark purple on
my gut instinct that it was more wearable, but when I actually held the tube in
my hand, I was wracked with doubt. I didn't try it on for a full day after it
arrived for fear of regretting my non-returnable product.

But then, I grabbed by
lip brush and faced myself in the mirror.

Take one!

OK, so I looked sort of dead. I mean, it was dead in the
prettiest way possible, but it was still a bit too frozen-in-the-snow for me. I
went to work livening up the rest of my face to create more balance.

To eliminate my corpse-like look, I gave my eyes a quick run
around with Urban Decay’s Underground brown liner pencil (bottom lash line
and top), then used their Toasted golden brown shadow on my lower lid, and
their Vanilla shimmery shadow directly under my brow line.

I curled my lashes
and applied some mascara, then I used my Benefit High Beam to highlight
the corners of my eyes and my cheekbones.

I then covered all my red spots and
under-eye bags with Benefit Boi-ing, and finally, I brushed on some pinky
gold flaked blush, Super Orgasm by NARS, and looked in the mirror.

Take two!

It's alive!

Turns out I just needed a bit of colour to rejoin
the land of the living. I didn't even have to make a deal with the devil or

I'm now officially a purple lipstick addict. Maybe next I'll try the
and pretend I'm a little
ice cream cone!