Green Lipstick Is Not as Insane as You Think and Neither am I

I know what you're thinking so hear me out.

Remember last year when I acted like I invented blue lipstick? Ah yes, those were the days. Back when blue lips were hard to come by. I had to take what I could get because there weren’t many options. Now, they’re everywhere!

Okay not everywhere, but they’re certainly more accessible at a variety of price points than they were a year ago. I mean, NYX added two blues to their permanent (and awesome) Lip Suede collection, and even Maybelline made two shades a permanent part of their collection. TWO! I never thought I’d see the day where I could cop a sensible blue lip in the drugstore whenever I wanted. This is the kind of thing I’ll tell my grandchildren about.

Anyways, what I’m saying is blue is out.

Kidding, obviously. BUT. Where do we go from here? Do we just go back to wearing normal colors? What even is a normal color? Have we done all we can do? No. What about…


I know what you're thinking so hear me out.

For a while, even I was afraid to approach green lipstick. I was so hooked on blues, greiges, lavenders, and grays that I thought I had my bases covered and I could ignore green lips. But no longer. They were always whispering to me from my lipstick drawer(s). Taunting me from my peripheral.

I suddenly found myself with more than a few green liquid lipsticks, so I knew it was only a matter of time. It was inevitable.

Here’s the thing about green though and I guess lipstick in general. I know there are all of these rules about how to wear lipstick. Don’t do bold lips with bold eyes! Use colors from the same family! You can’t wear liquid lipstick with a bare face!

I disagree with all of that, especially liquids with a bare face. I saw someone tweet that rule like six months ago and I'm still infuriated about it in case you can't tell. Whoever said that must have never seen me in a liquid lip and no makeup, but that’s beside the point.

In beauty, I think that you should always make it your own and do whatever you want because everyone looks their best when they feel comfortable in what they’re wearing.

THAT BEING SAID, I knew green was going to be a little harder to pull off. I love dark lips worn with no foundation because they can bring out your dark circles and the shadows in your face in a very chic way, but green? I was worried it would make my skin look a bit… I don’t know, sick.

So, I did pair these with a full face to even everything out and start with a uniform base.

We begin with Dr. M. from ColourPop, $6.

Yes, the ColourPop Ultra Matte formula that (most of) you all know and love has a jewel-toned emerald green as a part of their permanent collection. And for that, I thank them. There’s something about this shade that makes it gorgeous and, if you can believe it, really wearable. There’s just a hint of sapphire to it that tempers the color a bit, making it suitable for all skin tones.

I know you’ve all been on Ultra Mattes by now so I’m not trying to tell you anything you don’t know, but the formula is richly pigmented giving you full opacity in one pass — which is good because these wild colors are not ones you want to fuck with for too long — or any color, really. But these especially.

They dry down quickly, stay where you put them, and wear well until you want to take them off. Word to the wise, when you do remove them, wipe inward toward your open mouth, otherwise, this one will stain your face green. Which is also a look.

Trick by Kylie Cosmetics, $29.

Before we start, please, I am begging you, miss me with your opinions about Kylie Jenner and Kylie Cosmetics. Truthfully I don’t really feel any type of way about Miss Jenner. What I care about is a good liquid lipstick and her company makes a damn good one. YES I know that they’re made by the same beauty incubator as ColourPop and YES I know all of the conspiracy theories, down to the fact that the ingredients are almost identical. But whoever is saying that Kylie is shilling the same product as ColourPop upcharged in different packaging has never worn a ColourPop or Kylie lip.

Anyway, here I am off of my soapbox wearing Trick.

Trick is more of a forest green than Dr. M, and a shade or two darker, leaning toward black territory. It is devoid of the blue tones that Dr. M has so there’s no jewel-toned vibes, instead, it takes it into a blackened green territory that makes it wear like a dark, vampy black cherry or charred purple.

Also, I had a suspicion that Trick had a slight metallic sheen, and I was RIGHT. Under your iPhone light, you’ll see a surprising dose of the finest green glitter that gives the matte lip a luminous glow without messing with the matte finish and wear.

Oh, also not to state the obvi but the Lip Kits come with a matching liner which for shades like this is so i mportant. Most liquids, good liquids, can be worn without a liner, this one included, but when you’re a perfectionist/control freak/maniac like me, you always want to line it.

Ciate Liquid Velvet Matte Liquid Lip Slick in Envy, $19.

This is where this green lip thing started for me. A few weeks back, I was going to a lil pop show in Chicago with one of my best friends, an artist that will remain unnamed since I am sort of embarrassed about it. Concerts are always a great place to really take it there with your beauty look, along with trips to the grocery store, parent-teacher conferences, and funerals.

I had one of those moments where I thought to myself, Gee, I don’t know how long I’ll have to get ready before the show or what we’ll be eating or drinking that night or how long we’ll be out, I shouldn’t wear anything crazy.

So I was obviously like, Wear a green lip.

hotel bathroom lighting 💯

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I had been wanting to try out Ciate’s liquid formula in Envy, so I figured what better time to do so than when surrounded by teens? What are they gonna do? I'm old enough to drink, they can't say shit to me.

Everything I like about Ciate’s Liquid Velvet is also what makes it a little challenging to apply. It has that mousse-y texture that we’re seeing more of in new liquid formulas. The doe foot applicator is contoured to hug the lips, and it does so surprisingly nicely.

And now I feel bad for implying that you can't wear green lipstick without a base of makeup, so here I am barefaced.

It feels amazing, soft on your lips but still matte and almost immovable. Not tight or drying, so you can smile and talk without feeling it shrinking to your lips or worry about it cracking. This is a liquid that is easy to forget you're wearing.

Now with the usual makeup:

The only thing is that the lipstick has so much body that it’s difficult to achieve a clean line with one pass. The formula is fluffy, so it’s challenging to trace your lips and get a crisp line of color on your first pass. I had to finesse it every time I applied this or other colors in the line, which is not a deal breaker, just something I take into account when I'm considering what I'm wearing for the night ahead.

It dries down to a matte finish with great stay-power, but is not totally transfer-proof. This is one of the liquids that will leave a bit of its ghost on someone’s cheek without rubbing off of your lips. I didn’t prime my lips or line them before I applied, but I did block my natural lip line out with a bit of stick foundation. Throughout the night, I noticed the color bled just a bit into the foundation and onto my skin, the crisp line of lip color I worked to achieve was blurred, and not just by normal wear. When I wear this without foundation under it, I don’t see the same blurring — it also probably wouldn’t be as noticeable with a color that wasn’t, you know, green.

Not the end of the world. I will and have gone back to this color since, but I’d definitely take it off before making out.

  • Do you like green lips?
  • What's your favorite lip color, show me!
  • Have you tried these liquid formulas? What's your favorite?