I Don't Believe in Switching to "Spring" Lip Colors

Pink lipstick for spring? Groundbreaking.
Publish date:
March 25, 2016
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As evangelical as such a title may seem, it's true. Why am I supposed to give up a perfectly flattering shade of makeup because some sort of equinox happened? Ominous though it may be that it SNOWED on the first day of spring this year — honestly, if you're going to start breaking the rules, Mother Nature, how do you expect me to follow suit? Is this a "do as I say, not as I do" situation? Am I overanalyzing this? Probably and nope.

But I do love when the weather warms and then everyone gets way too excited way too fast about going stockings-less or breaking out the peep-toes and the sling-backs, shivering with pride on one sunny afternoon. I do however happen to have a handful of bold, moody lip colors that refuse to be relegated to the back stash, along with my winter sweaters.

Considering I do not have a "spring look" (because it's 2016) nor am I going on vacation any time soon to bronze myself stupid, I'll play along kind of and freshen up these moody hues with some new takes. My numba-1 stunner? This Purrfect Pair Studded Kiss lipstick set from Kat Von D, with shades named after her two hairless sphynx cats, Poe and Piaf (I'm assuming named after Edgar Allen and Edith, making these lipsticks ostensibly named after the poet and singer).

Poe is a brilliantly deep navy with a speckling of lavender glitter — tiny enough to be subtly light-catching but chunky enough that I didn't call it shimmer for a reason. I love Kat Von D's lipsticks for being the best smooth, non-chalky texture and wear with a ton of crazy-pigmented shades.

Blue lipstick can veer mermaid or The Matrix right quick (not that I mind that), so to keep things a bit ambiguous, I just flicked some bright silver liner (Kat Von D's Lightening Liner in Amadeus) on my inner corners for a literal dash of light on the eyes. Some fibrous mascara for big ol' flirty lashes (Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes) and this is a surprisingly simple look with great impact.

Piaf, on the other hand, is like your standby '90s brown lipstick, but the disco version. It has the same lavender sparkly bits in it that Poe does, the contrast of which makes this brown shade ever so slightly iridescently plummy. And I love a good plummy lip.

So much so, that I basically matched my eye makeup to it, with a warm, sparkly plum shade (Black Forest Truffle from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette) with a soft rosy champagne shimmer (Marzipan, from the same palette) blended just in the center for a bit of dimension. I'm sure it breaks all sorts of smoky-eye rules, but whatever, I like it.

Gray lipstick is a total anomaly. I mean, are there warm- and cool-toned ones? How do you wear this? Does it look like I just ate cement or confused my eyeshadow for my lipstick? So many questions. NYX Liquid Suede lip colors — this one is Stone Fox — have been sitting in the place I keep all my lipsticks for AGES just waiting for their moment to shine. Well, today is your day, Stone Fox. Welcome to my mouth.

I like these Liquid Suedes because, other than sounding like probably some sort of lube, they do kind of embody that moniker. The liquid lip colors apply opaquely in one swipe and dry down to a matte yet velvety finish. After maybe an hour of wear, it'll start to get kind of dry-feeling and uncomfortable, but knowing me, I'll probably have already eaten it off by then, so a little touch up here and there makes it feel brand new again. I went with a simple "clumpy lash" look, layering on more fibers from the Younique Fiber Lashes Mascara set. When you're wearing gray lipstick, all the rules for eye makeup kind of go out the window so you might as well run with it, right?

  • How do you guys wear bold "alternative" lip colors? It feels weird doing any old eye makeup, doesn't it? Just me?
  • What's your spring makeup look? Haha, no, I'm kidding, but like who even subscribes to that theory? *gets chased out of locker room by girls throwing pink lipsticks at me*