Try This Subtle Way to Wear Blue Eyeshadow During the Day

I tend to tone down my makeup during the day and incorporate bright colors into my makeup look in small doses instead.
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March 2, 2016
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Neutral eye makeup is my jam and all, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy experimenting with bright color once in a while. Like everyone else, I think bright colors are fun. They're eye-catching and a breath of fresh air compared to the nude shades we see on a regular basis.

But on the downside, bright eye makeup can be intimidating. While my favorite brown and gray shadows go with everything, bright colors are trickier to match. Plus, if you wear too much of them during daytime, you'll probably get the look — curious stares as you go about your day, or maybe even a sarcastic comment or two. Ugh.

As a result, I tend to tone it down during the day and incorporate bright colors into my makeup look in small doses instead. To show all of you how you can do it, too, I'm demonstrating using the latest color on my radar, cobalt, which is predicted to be a huge color trend for spring based on the amount of times makeup artists used it on models during the Spring 2016 fashion shows last fall.

To start off, I apply a matte nude shadow (my nude is a cream color) that is a shade lighter than my skin color to my mobile lid.

Next, I define my crease with a matte gray shadow. I used Cool Gray from the LORAC PRO Palette 2.

With a shading brush loaded up in cobalt blue shadow, I define the outer corner of my lid, fading it slightly inward. I used Chaos from the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette since it's bright, very pigmented and impressively soft for a matte shadow. I also used a shading brush because it fits really well in the outer corner of my eye, and it applies shadow softly but evenly.

Using a flat liner brush dipped in the same cobalt shade, I define the outer half of my lower lash line.

With a blending brush loaded up with matte brown shadow — Lt. Brown from the LORAC PRO Palette 2 — I blend the area above my crease to fade out the gray ever-so-slightly.

To make my eyes look bigger, I line my top lash line with liquid liner to create a cat eye. You could stop here if you don't have a ton of mobile lid surface area like I do since the cat eye will likely cover up some of the blue.

Lastly, I add mascara to my lashes ad silver shadow to my tear ducts. The silver I used was Revolt from the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette.

For my cheeks and lips, I went for pale orangey-browns, since the orange in those products helps bring out the blue in the eye makeup ever-so-slightly. I used Boots blush in Honey, a peachy-brown blush on my cheeks, and Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquefied Longwear Lipstick in Chocolate Milkshake, a warm, light brown lipstick, on my lips.

The Final Look

Because my cat eye is thick, and my mobile lid surface area is small, you don't end up seeing a ton of the cobalt unless you're very close to me or see me look down. If you have larger mobile lids, you'll be able to see more of the cobalt, obviously.

[What's your favorite bright eye shadow color? Do you ever wear blue shadow?